Short Stories - By Nikhil Baliga

Here are a few short stories I wrote

Fully Original

A young man is desperate to save his lady love. When driven to points of desperation, the human spirit either breaks or does remarkable things. And this young man doesn't break...
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Just let go
Story of a man stuck in a theatre with his wife, but he has a nagging feeling to leave, and knows that things will be horribly wrong.... unless he lets go

The Medallion
Starts off with a typical Bollywood story, the medallion has a Hollywood ending. A story about a boy with a copper medallion who loses his younger brother in a crowded railway station, and culminates with the twists of fate.

The Patient
A young man recounts his story to his psychiatrist. And as he narrates it, he realises that something is terribly terribly wrong.

The Mole
A young man has been asked to infiltrate a dreaded drug ring
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The Love Story - Part 1
I am sorry, my parents will not agree to this alliance, good bye. Thus spake the love of his life before walking away from him...
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The Bleeding Heart
Not knowing how he arrived at the bizarre location, he holds his beloved for one last time as he feels a surge of emotions, until he realises....

A man's narrative of autorickshaws... in Wodehouse style
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The Fruitcake
Based on a true story, a humourous story of a friend's encounter with a nutcase
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My race against time
A man describes the race against time... the constant running

The girl who was a ghost before she died
A freaky real life story (Other parts are linked at the bottom, so be sure to catch them all)

Love Forever
He promised to love me forever... And now, he hardly remembers me
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Original writing, borrowed storylines

Work Life Balance
Story of a samurai who goes on a quest to become the best swordsman...
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Tarka - The story of the escaped convict
With a police jeep chasing me, I entered a house with a low balcony, only to find my classmate inside with skeletons in her closet... with flesh and blood around it.

The Haunted House
A group of four discuss their experiences of a haunted house, and one of them decides to prove that there are no such things as ghost... And then -


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