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Dealing with COVID

Swami Gulagulaananda quoted: " Only the paranoid survive " 'In these unprecedented times' may sound like a cliche, but it appears to be true in the context of this pandemic. Every single day, we are bombarded with statistical data quoting the number of deaths and active cases, infographics that discuss the spread of the disease, posts shared by people lamenting the deaths of their loved ones and how the healthcare and associated services are overwhelmed by the sheer scale of afflicted people, in addition to multiple forwards that discuss cures - some useful while others balderdash. Considering that a large number of my near and dear ones came in contact with the disease, I thought of putting together a note that may benefit others. It is important to continuously educate ourselves and make sure that we are protecting ourselves and those around us. As the old adage goes, ' Prevention is better than cure '. Intellectually, we understand this; and though a few pe

The Camp Champ

 Swami Gulagulaananda said: " When pitching your ideas doesn't pan out, go for a drive and pitch a tent " The spread of Coronavirus and the associated lockdown has been a frustrating experience for most of us. While working from home has a great many advantages, not everyone is a homebody all the time. Sometimes the spirit of adventure beckons us to step into the sunlight and walk amongst tall grass to be bitten by bugs. In this post, I wanted to share my experience of spending a day in the woods in the bosom of nature, lulled to sleep by the gentle breeze - Actually, it wasn't all that rosy, but it was definitely a great experience. We are first-time campers, and yet we wanted to experience it all - Setting up our tent, cooking our own food and generally enjoy being in the midst of open nature. Our search for a good camping spot around Bangalore culminated when we discovered Camper's Creek on Camp Monk . There are multiple suitable plans depending on your temper