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The Unchivalrous Traveller

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " Fight injustice... And not (arm)chair fights " The metro train slowly came to rest and the doors opened. Passengers alighted and others boarded. The doors slid shut. The train wasn't particularly crowded, but none of the newly boarded commuters got a seat. The train had started gaining speed. The construction worker next to me looked out of place in a train full of middle-class. He clutched his hard hat tighter as he looked around uncomfortably. Looking at him feeling slightly out of place, a rather rotund woman waddled up to him, and demanded a seat. The poor worker sheepishly proceeded to stand up. I caught his shoulder and pulled him down. "The first coach is reserved for women. Why don't you go there?" I demanded. "It's common decency to be chivalrous and give up seats to women", she replied. "It's alright" smiled the worker as he stood up. I once again held his shoulder and pulled him back to his