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Natural Factories

Swami Gulagulaananda said : " Nature loves symmetry. I wonder why? Did all asymmetric ones die out? " We have to consider various aspects while trying to develop a complex system. Take the example of a car. We first start by defining what features and qualities the final car needs to have. Then, we move to divide the car into logical subunits. We think about the design of each of these subunits and how they will interact with one another. The subunits should perform their tasks efficiently but also be economical to produce while looking aesthetically pleasing. We've to think about the energy source or fuel, rate of consumption, rate of recharge, wastes produced and how to eliminate, etc. Once we're ready with this, we move on to develop a prototype, run various tests, iteratively improve the design till we reach a design that's meeting all the goals sufficiently. We then proceed to mass produce them. This, of course, requires capital for land, factories, w

On Mindfulness

Swami Gulagulaananda quoted Kanakadasa: " naanu hodare hodenu [I can go if I could go] " There was a tale that I had heard in my childhood. Kanakadasa, the great poet and saint, was asked who could attain salvation by his master, Vyasatirtha. Kanakadasa replied, " naanu hodare hodenu " in Kannada. The sentence can be translated to: " I might go if I want ". Many of the scholars at the convention were offended that Kanakadasa had earlier told that nobody at the convention, including his own master, could attain salvation. However, his master saw wisdom in Kanakadasa's words and asked him to elaborate what he said. Kanakadasa explains his pun, which can also be translated as " If I goes, I could go ", meaning that a person who rejects ego can attain salvation. As I looked around at society in general, I started seeing a pattern. I saw a certain quality lacking in most people, and I wondered what the right word for that quality should be

The Eye Opener

Swami Gulagulaananda said: “ We all owe a debt to society… You are significantly more privileged than you think ” The soft rays of the morning sun slipped through the blinds and woke up Simi. As she opened her well rested eyes, a smile formed on her face as she looked at the calendar on the wall. Just one more day to go . She looked at the neat array of stuffed dolls adorning a specially created shelf. But this birthday was special and she knew exactly what she wanted. " Maaaa!! Coffee!! " she yelled. A few moments later, her parents walked into her room, beaming at their daughter. Offering her the cup, her mom asked her, " Just one more day for your birthday, Simi beta. What do you want for your present? " This was the moment that she was waiting for. She held the cup between her palms and interwoven fingers and looked at the brown liquid. Then, gushing a little, she said " Ma, Pa, I want the new iPhone X ". At this, her mom turned to look at her d