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MakeMyTrip Customer Service Sucks

Swami Gulagulaananda said: "MakeMyTrip  Customer Service Sucks! Period " About ten days ago, I wanted to book a couple of rooms for my parents for a visit to Mangalore. As a regular user of online services like MakeMyTrip  Cleartrip and Go Ibibo, I decided to open three tabs in my browser and check prices across all three portals (Something that we all do). I was, obviously, signed in as I wanted to redeem my wallet points. After seeing that MakeMyTrip was the cheapest, I decided to go ahead with it. I saw that the cost of the room in MakeMyTrip in the booking page was Rs 3162. The screenshot shows the price breakdown. As per this, the room originally costs Rs 4366. They then added their own charges, applied some coupon automatically and also reduced my wallet money. The final bill, inclusive of taxes, came up to Rs 3162. I was happy as any regular customer would be when they see the original price struck off and a new price shown next to it. Rs 4662 Rs 3162 . Wow t