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Hardware OTP Tokens

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"Security by obscurity is an interesting notion - for we all fear what we don't understand"

A long time ago, I saw a friend of mine holding a small hand-held device. It hand a single button and a small screen. I asked him what it was. "Oh, I have an account with HSBC Bank. This is an OTP generator, it is for additional security", he replied. "How does it work?", I asked him. "I don't know man, they ask me to enter it while signing in. I press the button, some number comes up and I enter it", he replied

I tried it. Each time I pressed the button, a seemingly random number appeared on the screen. However, once a number appeared, it didn't change and remained on the screen. It didn't change even if I pressed it. It would remain for some time, perhaps a minute and then disappear. I pressed the button again and another number would appear.

This was pretty interesting. But I soon forgot about it. A few years …