Of traffic, teams and companies

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"The grand unification theory is nought but analogies connecting seemingly unrelated things"

When you drive through Bangalore traffic, more often than not, you are not driving... You are probably waiting at traffic junctions or trying to wiggle through evanescent worm holes.

The strange fact about driving is that it becomes automatic after some time - You don't even pay attention while changing gears or switching between the accelerator and the brake. And since that frees up your mind, it tends to wander into the realm of contemplation...

As I watched vehicles around me, I drew some parallels that I wanted to list out in this post.

1) Among motorbikes, cars and buses, bikes are the fastest when it comes to rate of picking up speed or accelerating while buses are the slowest. However, once all vehicles start accelerating, bikes soon get left behind as cars and buses zoom past them. Companies are also of these types small caps (start-ups), mid caps and large caps. While start-ups can grow very quickly, larger companies with their higher muscle power - both in terms of finance and man-power can quickly outpace smaller companies

2) Bikes cannot sustain long distance like cars and buses. While on a long distance drive, riding a motorcycle is least comfortable of the three and can make you sore. The fuel capacity also is quite limited and needs constant refuelling to reach your destination. Cars and buses are much more comfortable and needs lesser refuelling. Companies are also similar in terms of funding.

3) Bikes are more agile, then comes cars and finally buses. This is something that you have definitely noticed in traffic. You can quickly manoeuvre a bike and ride through that narrow space between a car and a bus. Cars are much less easy to manoeuvre while buses simply cannot move. Companies are also similar with start-ups being significantly more agile with less bureaucracy and fewer meetings before decisions are arrived at and plans are put into action. Large companies are behemoths that take forever to make even the smallest change in course.

4) Bikes are more unstable and can severely injure the rider in an accident when compared to cars and buses. Start-ups can vanish overnight unlike larger companies

5) When a bike goes down, very few people die unlike in cars and buses. Just like how many people lose their jobs when larger companies go down unlike start-ups.

6) If a bus crashes into a bike...

7) There are bike clubs. I have not heard of bus clubs... There are also biker chicks ;-)

8) Riding bikes are definitely more thrilling than a bus ride. Enough said.


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