Playing old DOS games

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"Only 90's kids will understand this"

Remember the good old days of Dangerous Dave, Doom and Commander Keen? I remember spending countless hours playing all those games - Jazz Jackrabbit, Cosmo's cosmic adventures, Hocus Pocus, Prince of Persia... the list is endless.

I recently stumbled upon a great way to play those old DOS based games on your modern computer. I thought of sharing it with you guys.

Install DosBox
The first step is to download and install DosBox, a DOS emulator.
Download DosBox

Download Games
The next step is to download games. There is a wonderful site that hosts all these old games. You can search and download the games of your choice from here.
Download Games

Make games available on DosBox
After you download games, unzip the files
Create a dedicated folder to put all your downloaded games. Like, C:\dos_games or ~/dos_games.

Now, run DosBox. You should see the terminal. Run the command below:
mount c C:\dos_games or mount c ~/dos_games as the case might be - replace the path with whatever is your path.

Here, the 'c' that comes after 'mount' is the drive to which you are mapping your local disk. So, you can say 'd', 'e' or anything else to map subsequent folders.

If it goes through successfully, you should see the success message. Now go to C drive in the DosBox (or whichever drive you mounted to) by typing C: and pressing enter. Run the dir command to list your files and the folder(s) should be visible. That's it, start playing!


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