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The Mosquito Conundrum

Swami Gulagulaananda quoted Hajime Saitou: " A man who cannot uphold his beliefs is pathetic; in this world or the next " Let's assume you are all set to sit in your room and do some light reading or work on your laptop. Or perhaps you are tired and it's time to sleep. Suddenly you see a hint of movement in the outer regions of your field of vision. You exhibit animal like reflexes and turn around and behold a small pesky mosquito manoeuvring effortlessly like a heat seeking cruise missile. You let out a slight tsk  or a  mch at the thought of getting bitten in the least accessible area of your body, perhaps your leg under the table or perhaps your toe. So what would you do? Would you make a move and kill the mosquito immediately? Or take some kind of action like spraying a mosquito repellant or turning on one of those mosquito repellants? Or would you ignore the mosquito? The question is not a simple one - but rather one with a slight philosophical twist. C