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Of People, Framework and Behaviour

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " Life is not a video game, you get only one life " They say, " Rules are meant to be broken " and I am sure most people will agree because of various experiences they have had. I have often wondered what makes people break rules or do something that deviates from the instruction given to them. Let us look at a couple of examples. I have to cross a road that is called 'Double Road" and the road looks as illustrated here. Clearly there are two roads running parallel to each other. The yellow lines indicate a large fenced barrier separating the two roads. Now, one of the roads is horribly maintained and is full of deep potholes, mud that has come to the road from the side and humps and elevations that appear out of nowhere. In fact, the surface of the road is best suited for an SUV commercial to demonstrate "off road experiences" The other road is extremely well maintained - The two roads serve as a quintessent