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Monkey-Wrench: Ultimate Customisation Extension

Swami Nikhilaananda said: " The simplest of changes become extremely difficult without the right tools " Monkey-Wrench is a Chrome extension that I built along with Mayur Kataria and Parin Kataria. The extension allows you to use custom CSS and run custom JavaScript on any website Overview There have been numerous instances when we are unhappy with the way some of our favourite sites look like. For instance, Twitter's UI became an eye-sore recently. You might be a good designer or might know a good designer and may want to apply your own styling to make the site look more appealing. How do you go about doing that? Simple! Just install Monkey-Wrench extension from here . Right click on the extension icon and click on Options. This takes you to the Projects page. Click on New Project, and provide your style and scripts. Click on Run Automatically. That's it! Non Developers Non-Developers can also make use of Monkey-Wrench by using our Recipe Bazaar - A re