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Why I don't like Muslims

Swami Gulagulaananda said: "I call a spade a spade " If you came to this post by reading the title - You are one of the following: You are seething with anger, wondering what nonsense is written in this post. You are getting worked up and aching to fire up some comments calling me an insensitive bigot, communal and what not. You are also readying some choice expletives You have adopted a holier than thou attitude and are ready to give me advice on how we should all live together happily or throw words such as " I did not expect this from you " You secretly don't like Muslims and are here to read what I have got to say You are still unbiased and are simply curious to read what is in this post Once you have put yourself in one of those groups, continue reading... Let me clarify at the outset that I just wanted you to realise that we all belong to one of those categories. But tell me, is what I have said here wrong in any way? Isn't it my prerogativ

Writing games in JavaScript

Swami Nikhilaananda said: " All work and no play makes Gulagulaananda a dull old man... well duller " With every passing day, I am beginning to like JavaScript more and more. JavaScript is very easy to learn and with one language, you can write front-end applications, back-end scripts, run servers and even write mobile apps for Android, iOS, Tizen etc. I think that's incredible! I have written a couple of simple games with JavaScript and thought I should write a post about one of them. So, let's have a look at a simple game I wrote, called Crates . The objective of the game is simple. There is a "hero", a character you control with the keyboard arrows. There are some crates and some targets (golden balls). The goal is to cover all targets with the crates. The hero can push a single crate but never pull one. Only one crate can be pushed at a time. A crate that is against the wall or another crate cannot be pushed. So it gets tricky when you push cra