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Bundle of sticks

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " Uththishtata Bharatha... (Arise India) " [This post may seem to be mixing two issues - Deal with it :) ] " Take a twig and you can snap it between your fingers, take a bundle of sticks and you can't do anything to it " is the summary of the lesson imparted by the ailing old father to his bickering sons. We all know that. When Alexander the Great arrived at Takshashila (current Pakistan), and was all set to invade India, the entire sub continent was made up of numerous kingdoms. These kingdoms individually were relatively small, save Magadha which was larger. There was still a concept of Bharath, which is modern India, but then they were all individual kingdoms. Alexander was poised to defeat India and kings like Ambhi even sided with the foreigner in his quest to invade Bharath. Chanakya foresaw what would happen if Alexander continued on this path, as you might have too - Each twig could be easily snapped by Alexander. He de