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Kodachadri Trek - An Experience

Swami Nikhilaananda said: " And then when I saw the leeches, blood drained from my face... " A cool breeze blew past me, reminding me to prepare myself for the obstacles ahead. I looked up at the sky and felt like a giant, for the clouds seemed to be within my reach. In the epic Mahabharata, in the Mahaprasthanika Parva , the Pandavas and Draupadi begin their journey up the Himalayas to reach heaven. And then a dog accompanied them... I knew I was about to embark upon a similar journey; I sensed I was very close to heaven, for nowhere else can beauty of this magnitude exist - the lush leaves of plants and trees all around me painted in various hues and shades of green, the soft gurgle of the stream, the eternal croaks of frogs and chirps of mysterious birds that refused to show themselves... The entire area seemed to be the epitome of vibrant life, for even the fallen trees were teeming with life, with  mosses and colourful mushrooms growing side by side, a perfect exampl

Reflections of the Complacent

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " Pardon my affectations, this is me being a flibbertigibbet " I stared into his eyes as he stared into mine. Some times I wonder if eyes are really the window to the soul, and if he could read my mind through my eyes. " What's your plan? ", I asked him. " I am going to write a blog post with them ", came the reply. " For the life of it, I can't believe that I can't remember most of these words, you know? ", he continued. I could sense anguish in his exasperated voice. " And that's why I am going to write this post, even if it ends up being a rigmarole ", he paused. " Rigmarole ", I smiled, and took out my phone. I have a need to find the meanings of words if I don't know the meaning, an OCD of sorts. So I have a dictionary app handy all the time. " Looking in the lexicon, eh? " he grinned. " What's the point of this? " I asked him, getting rather ann