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Measuring your dimensions with your webcam

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " When you try to write a program that does what a human can do, you will appreciate the greatness of nature " Microsoft's XBox Kinect is a wonderful device and an optional add-on to the XBox gaming console. The device allows you to play games without using any hand-held controllers. For example, if you were playing Fruit Ninja, you can slice fruits just by making a slicing action with your hand - Woop! The fruit on the screen gets sliced. There are many beautiful games that you can play with the device. But from a technical standpoint, it is interesting how the Kinect actually determines your position. The Kinect has 3 sensors - One is a camera, one is an Infra Red sensor and one more I think is used to get wireframe images. In fact, there are special chips within the device that allows for motion and gesture recognition, 3D rendering etc. Read more on Wikipedia here . Now let's have a quick look at the problem statement - It's

The Patient

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " It is the mind that makes you feel what it wants to make you feel " You can now read the story from the book - Swami G's Short Stories Buy now - Just $0.99 My head was feeling heavier and lighter alternately. I could feel myself letting go as I relaxed in my easy-chair. I imagined that this was the kind of headiness that was experienced by those who consumed liquor. I tried to open my eyes but could barely get my eyelids to separate. When I did manage to squeeze some sight through a narrow slit between my eyelids, all that I could see was some white light. I let out a soft groan. " Are you in a condition to speak? " said a dignified voice. " Yes, I am just finding it a little hard to stay conscious " I replied. " That's good. A semi-conscious state seldom exercises restraint. When the inhibition centre shuts down, the invisible iron curtain crumbles and like water escaping through the breach in a d

Project Terrarium

Baba Gyani Triviani said: " As long as man doesn't interfere, nature works perfectly. " The other day, I read a very interesting article that I would like to share with all of you. A man planted four seedlings in a glass bottle in 1960, and watered it once. He then sealed it and hasn't watered it for the past forty years. The plant is alive and wonderful.  I felt this idea was truly brilliant because it is like a demonstration of quite a few things that we have studied in school. For example, plants consume oxygen and give out carbon di oxide during respiration, and consume carbon di oxide during photosynthesis to produce food and releases oxygen. The cycle repeats, and the plant is completely self sustained. The plant absorbs water from the soil and consumes it. Excess water is given out into the atmosphere via transpiration. Water vapour form clouds and it rains to give the water back to the soil which is then absorbed by the plants and another cycle repe