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Nokia Lumia 820 - A Review

Baba Gyani Triviani heard: " In a world without walls ,  who needs windows and gates? " When I proclaimed that I wanted to buy a Windows phone, I could have sworn I heard some chuckling behind me. Typically, the response to Windows phone is not good - in fact, the common refrain with regard to Windows phone is the lack of apps. I was bored of having an Android phone for quite some time. So I decided to go for a Windows one. This is not going to be a standard review that you can pick off any other site, because there are loads of them out there anyway. I will just post some things that I found worth mentioning. The phone is a Nokia Lumia 820 running Windows Phone 8. In general, the phone has been very well received. I thought of throwing random sentences in an attempt to make it concise. Interface Definitely very fresh. It's a great feel compared to Android or even iPhone, which haven't changed for a long time now. The font size and typefaces are all very pl

The Love Story - Part 1

Baba Gyani Triviani said: " And he wondered who in heaven's name makes mushy love stories and why they are popular... and he realised when he fell in love " " So you are going to get married to that guy? What's there in him that's not there in me? " I asked indignantly.  " It's not about qualities Amit, you know it. It's my parents' wish and I can't go against them " she replied " Of course, I've heard that rot a million times. But I don't understand why him? I mean, he looks like a horse I tell you. " " He looks nothing of that sort " she replied shortly " Oh defending him already, are we? Why, if your father was interested in horses, he should have been gambling and betting on horses in the race course. Not gambling your future on this horse " I said with great gusto. Future on this horse. I beamed at my own cleverness. That was capital. I then saw the smouldering look of hers