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Android: Setting up ViewPagerIndicator

Swami Gulagulaananda quoted: " Everything is difficult before it's easy " In Android applications, many times, you have a bunch of things that you want to show - that are shown one at a time, and you can slide your finger horizontally across for the existing pane to fly off and the new pane to fly in. To do this, you make use of Android's ViewPagers. However, in order to let a user know that the sliding is possible and also to indicate how many such slides are available, there are some symbols that you might have noticed. Like hollow circles and a filled circle, for example. To achieve this kind of effect, everyone over the Internet seems to suggest using a library called ViewPagerIndicator . And they are right. You can quickly set it up. But if you are a novice, you will go through one hell of a time trying to set it up. You can get a host of issues that you might not know how to resolve. I found that there are a large number of people in various forums,