Death to the queen

Baba Gyani Triviani said:
"When people are pushed over the edge, expect the unexpected"

This is my first attempt to write a Rondeau. It's titled 'Death to the queen'

He stood in the darkness like the shadow of the night,
Not caring to be wrong, nor caring to be right,
And then she arrived with some forty men,
Sycophantic chicks around mother hen,
He picked his gun, resolved to fight.

For no peaceful way could befall his sight,
And this was the way to rid this blight
She walked unaware towards her den,
Death to the queen!

He remembered his son, playing with his kite,
Beloved wife, with a future very bright,
Burned them all, he remembered then,
By greedy leaders, who had spoken zen,
And had looted the country for the queen's delight

Death to the queen!

Corrupt politicians loot the country, a country where the investigating agency (CBI) is as independent as the ring finger is from the middle. A country where the rich get richer and the poorer just die. And the helpless continue to feel helpless. And when peaceful agitations such as those by Anna Hazare fail to yield results, there will be a rise of radical thinking men, like Guy Fawkes or those who wear his masks (read V for Vendetta) who will arm themselves and destroy those in power - and then there will be death and bloodshed, and people won't care about repercussions, for their frustrations would have exceeded their limits of tolerance. And then, we shall all spiral into doom...

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Swathi Sharma: 
Well written Nik!

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lokesh acharya ‏@acharya2:
@Gulagulaananda its so nice sir.. And true..

Niranjan Lakshmanan ‏@niranjanl:
@Gulagulaananda Good one


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