The Petrol Bank

Baba Gyani Triviani said:
"Coincidences can screw you sometimes... big time :P"

The reason I like the sitcom Seinfeld is because of the fantastic way in which coincidences screw their lives. And how the action of one greatly affects someone else in an unexpected manner.

Today I had one such experience. I was sitting in a bus going someplace when I saw a bunch of teenage boys, I guess around 16, standing next to me and talking amongst themselves. "Look, this petrol bank is always filled with vehicles" said one boy. "I thought it was called a petrol bunk" said another. "Dude, it's a petrol bank because they store petrol." replied the first boy. I was grinning to myself when the conductor shouted "Bank!"

Now interestingly when you look outside the window, the most prominent sight that catches your eyes is a petrol bunk on the main road, right opposite the bus stop. The "bank" actually refers to a small branch which is not on the main road but on a lane perpendicular to the main road. The stop is called "Bank stop" because the bank was there a long time before the petrol bunk was constructed.  "See! I told you... It's petrol bank" said the first boy.

The second one was still not convinced. "I still think it is bunk." he said. Now came the ultimate twist. The LED display inside the bus (which always has spelling errors) read "Petrol Bank" and the first guy quickly jumped and said "Look over there! I told you...". He was jubiliant for being proved correct repeatedly. The second guy laughed and said "I can't believe I thought it was bunk."


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