Mebay Routes problem [Solved]

Baba Gyani Triviani said:
"When you don't find solutions, create one yourself"

Head First Series is a fun and quick way to learn stuff. It is not a reference book, but great for tyros, neophytes and rookies (That's right, I thought why call them beginners or newbies?)

This post is for those people who tried out the Mebay problem in Chapter 2 of Rails and couldn't go past because there was a routes problem. Just change the Routes file (config/routes.rb) to the following and it should start working. I didn't find a solution anywhere, and found that a lot of other people also were facing similar problems. I figured this one out myself (Pat on my back :P) Hope it helps others.

For further reference on Routing, read this document. It is apparently a highly recommended manual


Anonymous said…
Thank you, two hours thinking on this....

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