The Haunted House

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Just because you close your eyes and can't see anything, doesn't mean that there exists nothing around you"

You can now read the story from the book - Swami G's Short Stories

Other stories that you might want to read
  • Just let go - Story of a man stuck in a theatre with his wife, but he has a nagging feeling to leave, and knows that things will be horribly wrong.... unless he lets go
  • The Medallion - Starts off with a typical Bollywood story, the medallion has a Hollywood ending. A story about a boy with a copper medallion who loses his younger brother in a crowded railway station, and culminates with the twists of fate.
  • My race against time - A man describes the race against time... the constant running
  • The girl who was a ghost before she died - A freaky real life story (Other parts are linked at the bottom, so be sure to catch them all)


reading this gave me chills !
well done..

btw Nik , u should watch the movie RAGINI MMS. *****
Hey, thanks a lot :-) Share it with your friends ;-)

Is the movie good? I heard it sucked, big time!
i have seen it.. it gave me chills.. ! in daytime..
lotts of intimacy too.. i wont divulge more :)

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