Modern Vikram Betal story

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Remember, if you know the answer and refrain from answering, your head will explode to a thousand pieces - said the Betal to Vikramaditya"

I am sure most of you are familiar with the Vikram Betal stories... And today, I heard a very interesting story that apparently happened in India. So, here's the short narrative, followed by the standard question... And remember, if you know the correct answer, and refrain from saying it, your head will explode to a thousand pieces (Betal's threat)
A traffic constable pulls a car over for jumping the signal. The driver of the car tells the constable in a way of warning, "Do you know who is in the car? It's the big boss" and tells him who the big boss is - Joint secretary or one such hot shot chief... The constable says "It doesn't matter who is in the car. I am just doing my job!" and asks for a fine to be paid.
 The joint secretary subsequently contacted the superior of the of the constable and (hold your breath) asks for the constable's name so as to present a cash reward to him for diligence.
I am sure you are all in awe - considering this is a really rare occurrence in the corruption ridden country.

And now for the Betal's question - "Who is the greater of the two? Was it the constable who, in spite of knowing who was in the car, continued to stick to his principles while ordinarily the reaction would be a quick salute and letting the car go away... or was it the joint secretary for not being audacious and egoistic and instead, recognising the effort and principles of the constable and even rewarding him?

Remember, if you know the answer and refrain from answering, your head will explode to a thousand pieces

*** Answers from Modern Vikramadityas to the Modern Betal ***

== Comments from Facebook ==

Hemanth Pai: 
Constable is greater ...

Srivathsan Lakshmipuram: 
Haha, I'll go with the constable too

Abhishek Kodankiry:
Certainly the constable is greater.!!

Sunil Bhat:
Lo betala, according to me, the act of the Joint Secretary is more praiseworthy.

The constable was doing his dharma and in our religion, honesty is an integral part of everyones job (karma). However, the Joint sec. went out of his way to recommend an award to the constable for refraining himself of doing a wrong act by letting the driver go. Afterall, the joint sec. had a choice to just go away without bothering , or use influence to cause harm to that constable or reward him for his work. He chose the noble option

Aditya Padaki:
Well, I'm digressing here...

Its a sad state of affairs that we need to deem people as 'great' if they stick to the bare minimum honesty... Neither of them are great... Constable was doing his job and the JS was adhering to the law - its indeed very sad that the day has come where we see these basic things as 'great' :P :(

PS: It was just 'nice' on the part of JS to get him an award, but its again ridiculous to get a constable award for doing his job!! :P :)

Of course, if the constable did something which was very brave or valorous like Omble, then its different :P :)

Sunil Bhat:
Adi, as expressed by you at the end, the JS did something nice, and so, was greater than the constable!


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