Support your supporters

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"If your supporters aren't supported by you, what use is of supporters supporting you"

There is a movie called Kurukshetra in which Sanjay Dutt plays the lead role, that of a top cop. In the movie, a poor girl gets raped and murdered by a politicians son. Then starts an epic battle between good and evil (hence the title of the movie) and Sanjay Dutt fights on behalf of the poor parents of the girl. Naturally, politicians being politicians, have a nexus with mafia, and then there is a "good" politician (Oxymoron? You bet) who eventually betrays Sanjay. Throughout the movie, there is an enormous effort put by him, he almost dies, fights bravely and doesn't know whom to trust. Towards the end of the movie, Sanjay Dutt is invitied by the politicians to settle matters. On reaching the home of the politicians, he is taken aback by seeing the father of the girl present there - the politicians try to convince Sanjay to stop fighting this case, fighting for this dead girl, when even her own father has given up - No, he did not yield to threats. Rather, the politicians gave him a lot of money and an apartment in a prime locality. The father says - "So what if she is dead? She can't be brought back to life. But now, we (family) are better off, thanks to the money and the apartment" and the politicians in the backdrop share a smug grin as Sanjay Dutt feels the ground slipping beneath his feet.

Well, in the movie, after this, he flips his wig, and goes and guns down the politicians...

But note the point I am making here - If you are being supported by someone for a cause that you had been fighting for, and this person is a strong force, not yet another brick in the wall, and has been devoting a lot of time and energy for YOUR cause, and is also making progress......... and when you have such a person doing good for YOU, it would be highly unfair when YOU yourself give up on the cause or the person.

The best example that can be given at this juncture is Anna Hazare... The man has been putting enormous efforts for our cause - We have seen all the scams of 2011. The sheer sizes of amounts is greater than money most countries might posses, equals our yearly budget (only one scam was enough!!) and there were several that came out. It is OUR money that these people are stealing - and finally, there has been a movement that seems to be putting pressure on the politicians. And the politicians are coming up with really cheap antics to escape getting caught.

Like introducing reservation - this is perhaps the dumbest and most obvious escape route - What does caste and religion have anything to do with corruption? Corruption is spread evenly across people of all castes and religions, and we don't have to bother. But, by introducing this concept, now the debate starts getting shifted, with some people supporting reservation and some don't, and there is naturally going to be a divide. What we should remember is that we are all fighting for one cause, OUR cause, and Anna Hazare being the mascot, the leader, the face of the movement, we should all support him in all the ways that we can... I was surprised when I saw a Facebook group that asked Anna Hazare and his companions to go to hell, and today's headlines showing a decline in number of people following him.

If this movement fails, and if it doesn't go through - I won't be surprised if a group of people end up getting frustrated like Dutt did in the end of the movie and go about gunning down these politicians, taking law into their own hands, or as in Rang De Basanti, because the law does't support them and the people for whom this movement was for, didn't support the movement. And when that happens, don't call the shooters extremists. Call them as people who did what you didn't have the guts to do, people who took action.

(Note: I am not proposing violent action - I am merely suggesting that violent action may be a repercussion)



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