Life - A weird journey

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"Life is a race - There are no winners or losers; Just the same starting and ending points"

First of all, this is not a philosophical post. Rather, it is an observation - I still remember my school days like they were yesterday. After I was done with my seventh standard, when we had to come to the eighth standard, there was a shuffle - Some of my close friends who were my classmates for nine years were moved to a different class, and some others came to my class. A shuffle is important in the sense that, just like genes also shuffle, a newer environment results in a wider exposure, etc. Yeah, I agree with all that. But then, those who move away from you, make newer friends and aren't as much in contact with you as they were before. And you also make newer friends.

I was watching an anime series in which the protagonist, Kenshin, a great swordsman is asked how one can defeat a large number of people attacking at once. So he says, you run away from the enemies who will pursue you. But because their weights are different, their running speeds will be different. The fat ones are slower and the thin and athletic ones are faster. Over a period of time, they start spreading and so, they tend to get drawn to one on one battles rather than attacking all at once.

After school, people again got divided and shuffled while joining PU colleges. Again while pursuing professional courses. Many joined engineering, some medical, some law, some accounts, pure science and so on. Now, I see some of my friends are doing their masters, among whom some are here, some abroad, some are done with masters and are working, some want to do PhD after masters, some have been working, some joined family businesses, some got married, some got engaged... Some boys got married, some girls, some are committed, some broken up and some have always been single... Some died.

The beauty is, we all started at the same starting line of the race - A race where there are no winners, no losers. We are all running, we all run along different paths and ended up at different places, for the better or for the worse. While some guys are getting married and ready to settle down with their wives, some guys are still not even sure which field they should pursue or don't even have a job or goal, still wondering which is the right one.

What I am saying, is that, we began at the same line, and that the finish line for all is the same - Death. Some will reach it faster and some slower. Along the path, we get separated, divided and move apart - some race ahead, some fall behind, just like the fat and thin ones - only, now it is because of skill, fate, and miscellaneous reasons. Some times, tables turn around. But life is nothing more than the journey between the two points. A journey where our paths constantly cross. There is nothing to learn from this post, except for a sword fighting technique in the second paragraph ;-)   This is more of a reflection that people are all different, something we all know already...


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