Screwing with people with factual statements

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"You can tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to mess with people's lives"

Here is a funny scenario that you can assume to have happened.
There was once a review meeting. And, in the review meeting, the reviewer told the superiors "Well, today Raj has come to office without drinking".
What are the repercussions? The superior will naturally think that Raj is a guy who drinks and comes to office habitually, and today happens to be  a one-off day where he has come to office without drinking. Raj, in reality was a teetotaler. And this statement told by the reviewer is indeed factually correct. And yet, the superior takes it in the wrong sense. Is the superior wrong? Not really, because normally, we tend to read between the lines, and draw conclusions because we hard wired to think in those lines. Like, if you talk a lot on the phone, and get less marks, parents would put two and two and make five - You talk a lot on phone, therefore you got less marks...

Take advantage of that train of thoughts... So, next time you want to screw with someone, go ahead and tell the truth - like the one told above. Both the good angelic side of you and the devil side of you will be satisfied in one go. Ease your conscience because you have not lied, and ease the devil by taking revenge :-) Muhuhahaha!

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