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Swami Nikhilaananda wondered:
"You either pick a girl at a really cool bar,
Or pick her from anywhere with a really fancy car
The problem is not where you pick her up my friend,
Starting to talk is the issue, simple is the end"

Very often, when watching any one of the typical American shows, one sees that a guy liked a girl while sitting in a bar, and then decides to send over a drink to her. She accepts it, the waiter says "A drink from the gentleman over there" and the guy smiles looking at her. If she smiles back, then he walks over to her, engages her in a conversation, and if they hit it off, exchange numbers and start dating. Sounds so simple, right?

Well, here in India, things are not all the time as simple and smooth. If you are a guy who drinks, and the girl also drinks, perhaps you can employ similar tactics. But what if you actually come across a girl you like in some other place? Maybe a bus stop, or your college, or maybe a movie theatre, a restaurant or could be anywhere else. How do you exactly go about? It would be really creepy if you start approaching a girl just like that and say "Hey would you like to have coffee?" because it was totally sudden.

The most difficult part is breaking the ice. If you have a common friend, you typically ask for an "Intro" and move forward. But if you have no mutual friends, what do you do? Suggestions, my friends, that's what is required - It'll be useful to other readers :P What would you do? Would you boldly go up to her and talk? Or use some coy tactics :)

This is not some dumb issue - according to a survey, if you have not found a person by the time you start working, then chances are very high that you won't find the perfect person. The reason is that, unless you are working in a youth filled organisation like perhaps Infosys or Wipro, you will end up being among married people very often. And there are really slim pickings and to get one that you really like and might consider settling So, you may want to fine tune your skills. Come on guys, experiment a bit, and share the results here :)

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