Homosexuality - It's a queer topic

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"I wonder how people call homosexuality natural"

Let me begin by saying that this post is not intended to hurt the sentiments of gay people and/or unhappy people. But I am really curious about the curious (and bi curious) case of ... well, queer people.

Let me be honest. I find it rather queer. I am no well learned person, nor have I done research. So, I'll use simple logic - Nature has two types of organisms in higher life... Males and Females. And they are to be attracted to each other, so that they mate and procreate. Attraction is in order to bring them closer, with the intent of procreation.

Now, this would mean that it is necessary for attraction to be between the opposite sex. And that's why I find it queer to see attraction among people of the same sex. And that's why I find it unnatural.

Next question - If it is was not unnatural, you should have seen homosexual behaviour in at least some other animal as well. If you do find some references to this, please post comments. And don't bother giving me the gay penguin example. Yeah, one of the penguins ditched the other when the female came up. I think that penguin had become gay due to lack of choice - like how many prisoners end up in jails... I am asking for an example where an animal had plenty of opposite sex partners, and CHOSE to be gay.
[Ashwin provided this link. Interesting read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexual_behavior_in_animals]

If you say 'It's about emotional bonding and not just procreation' then I would say 'Perhaps'. Because I am talking strictly in terms of physical attraction.

I also wonder why HIV/AIDS is on the rise among homosexual people - What's the reason for 8% Indians who are involved in M2M to be afflicted by HIV/AIDS while the rest of the population are only at 1% ? I mean, don't the same rules of safe sex apply? (I got this statistics from BBC)

Anyway, personally I find it weird to see guys kissing guys - but hell, it's their life. So, if you have an opinion (or no opinion), go ahead and participate in this poll. Just to see what other people think. Don't bother telling me about 'Freedom of Expression' and 'Democracy'. I'll either yawn or barf.

(This post is basically a response to the health minister backtracking after making comments - Mr Minister... Please grow a spine and stick to your points)


Sushant said…
Homosexuality is as common and prevalent as heterosexuality. It is just now that it is discussed and being talked about so openly.

Apart from Penguins,homosexual traits have been found in dolphins,tortoises,whales,Lions etc.

Nobody's comfort can decide if a behavior is write or wrong.

As far as procreation is concerned the need for a male and female to come together is valid.But some theorists claim that the rising population on the earth has made the nature induce more of homosexual feelings among humans to control population.

Lastly we live in a free world, it's a democracy. Let people live the way they want to and lets not meddle and make choices for others.

There are much more pressing issues like female foeticide, war and malnutrition which require greater attention than us peeping into people's bedroom to judge what they indulge in.
Homosexuality is NOT as common as heterosexuality. :-) It is really really exaggerating to say that.

However, you need to understand the tone of the post is not one that says that Homosexuality is wrong - That's of course, a personal choice. It says that Homosexuality is unnatural.

And besides, just because there are more pressing issues doesn't mean we don't have to discuss other topics, are there? :-) After all, as you said, in a free and democratic country, one definitely has the freedom to talk about anything :P
Sherry said…
I assume by natural u mean the basic instinct of surviving and breeding.Now has man really conformed to this definition of normal? 22 humans chase a ball, people kill their own for virgins in a place they're not sure exists, they skydive, network on internet, watch movies, listen to music. what is natural about them? why do people have sex JUST FOR FUN? isnt it natural to spread ones seed??? arent they as queer as homosexuality
Sherry, everything else that you are talking about is totally irrelevant. Only the last line makes sense which was why humans have sex just for fun, if the intent was breeding.

Let us look at it this way - if you enjoy doing something, you would want to do it again and again, don't you? So, it makes sense to put that 'pleasure' thing to an act where you can multiply yourself. Makes sense..?
Lavanya said…
I read this post only now. Yes, i find homosexuality as strange as you do! But that doesnt mean its unnatural. You pointed out right when you said nature has created male and female to create offspring and contribute to progression of species. That doesnt mean there are no anomalies. I read quite a few articles on homosexuality recently when i found someone i know is gay. Research suggests both genetic and environmental factors contribute to homosexuality. So it is just manifestation of some out-of-normal genetic make up, which is still a natural thing to occur. There is nothing a homosexual person can do about it. Its not a choice!! and yeah, lot of animals exhibit homosexual behavior. And remember, there are stranger things that occur in nature..(both male and female sexual organs in same organism, a young male grows into female in some species etc)

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