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Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Chrome rhymes with loam, foam and Rome. Heh! I hope it is successful for its own good :-) "

There has been a lot of hype and buzz around Google's Operating System called Chrome OS, which is supposed to be a web OS - an OS in a browser. Apparently you can place order for your Chromebooks with Chrome OS pre-built. Place an order from Amazon or Bestbuy or visit Google's Chrome OS site for more into. [What's a Web OS? Learn more]

Since I am not sure about it, I thought it would be better for me to try it out. I already own a netbook [Read review here] and Chrome OS was supposed to be released for netbooks. Since no words are out there, I thought it is better to try out Chromium OS, the sister project of Chrome OS. In fact, there is also a browser called Chromium which is Chrome's sister browser.

To try out Chromium OS without modifying your system, follow the instructions below. You can also install it subsequently on your hard drive if you wish but it will delete everything. There are two ways of trying - Running from Pen Drive or Running in virtual machine. One of the biggest advantages of Chromium OS is that it can load in <8 seconds. No point running as Virtual machine, if I have to first boot the host.

First, obtain Chromium
You will see the builds in reverse chronological order. Against each build, you will also see VMWare, Virtual Box and USB. The first two are for Virtual Machines. Choose USB and download it. It's a little over 200 Mb.

Next, load it to pen drive
Get a pen drive, erase all the contents. Plug it in. Ensure no application is using the pen drive.
Now, depending on your host OS, follow the instructions given in the website below to load the

Boot machine from pen drive
Restart the machine. Ensure that you have set 'Boot from USB drive' option in the boot options. With the pen drive plugged in, it should start booting from your pen drive. Enjoy!

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