Jolicloud Web OS - A review

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Try out Joli OS :-)"

My netbook has Windows XP (Pre-installed) and Ubuntu which I installed subsequently. Both of these work really well on my netbook - no lag, very good speed, and both are very powerful operating systems. But still, I wanted to try out a web os to see what's so cool about it.

So I decided to experiment with the much awaited Chrome OS. I went for the sister project Chromium OS. (Do you want to install it? Read here) However, I was facing a lot of issues while trying to install any apps, perhaps because it was a live run from my USB drive. Of course, you can't expect me to install it to my hard drive, since it will use the entire disk. So I was very disappointed with it, since it is useless if I can't install any apps.

Joli OS
Along came Joli Cloud - a really good web OS. I came across this when I was looking for a nice one. Installing it was a cinch. I just downloaded the Windows installer from their website. It's free of cost. I then went into Windows, ran the installer. A very simple process.

It has a very neat interface. Some features that I liked were the following. It has a very small task bar. So, for a netbook where screen size is small, it doesn't waste any space. It has a search bar at the centre where you can search for an app directly without looking for it. Type, and done.

It has a great repository of apps. You name it, you will find it. For Office, there are shortcuts for both MS Office live and Google Docs - Both great Office apps.

Chrome inside Joli?
And what's best? It runs the Chromium browser and this means all of the Chrome apps are available inside Joli OS as well! Which is the best of all, isn't it? Why would you want to go for Chrome OS now?

Joli inside Chrome
If you want, you can download and run the Joli cloud OS inside your Chrome browser! That's right, there is an app which you can install inside Chrome, and run it. Login with your Joli account and boom! Your desktop should come there. All of these are also connected via the ubiquitous Facebook.

On the downside though, it looks like a persistent internet connection is needed. Which is a great disadvantage... Will put up more stuff as I use it a little more


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