SSH - Android and Linux

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"I did a very interesting experiment today - I love Android"

I am no geek, but I really love seeing some fancy things happening. This is one of the things that I tried out and liked - maybe you guys might also like it.

I downloaded an app called ConnectBot which is an SSH client for Android. You can see their page here, and find that on the Android market as well. After installing it, I found there are three options - SSH, Telnet and Local.

Next what I did was, I went to my Linux (I use Ubuntu) and ran the SSH server. To do that, first ensure that you have it on your system. Just run the command
sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Then, I just went to the ConnectBot app and gave my username@IPaddress and said connect. It connected and asked for password - which I provided. Boom, I could browse through my computer through the command prompt - how cool is that? Geeks might not find this great - I was excited :-)

There is also a Terminal Emulator program for Android that can be used to browse and make changes to your Android phone directly, by using it. But you should have rooted your phone for that. See how I rooted my phone.


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