Girls are.... funny!

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"The chances of me knowing Brahman is higher than me understanding girls"

A very funny story that happened in real life, and reminds me a lot of a particular scene from Friends involving Chandler. But let me narrate it to you as it happened.

Let's call the guy as Raj and the girl as Ria.
Raj and Ria go to a coffee place, and are sipping coffee... and Raj is having a pleasant conversation with Ria about something, when suddenly Ria tells Raj - "Look at that girl, she looks so pretty". Raj instinctively turns around, looks at the girl for a second, turns back and says "Yeah, she's nice... so as I was saying......" and stops looking at the smouldering glare coming out of Ria's eyes. "Ummm something wrong?" he asked, and she said - "You looked? I can't believe you looked!!". And Raj said - "Uh didn't YOU ask me to look? I wasn't even looking in that direction till you asked me to!" and she replied - "Yeah! That was a test! Just because I ask you to look at other girls, you do it, is it?". Raj was confused, because he knew girls also get pissed if you don't do things they want.

So, Raj was determined to show he was right. So, after listening to a lot of complaining from her for looking, he called two of her best friends, and narrated the incident. "... and so, I turned to look at her and - "... "Whoa whoa back up there a little" said one of her friends, "You looked?" And Raj was shocked! What the- Had he missed something? They yelled at him for looking at another girl in front of her while she had a smug expression on her face, satisfied that she was right (as usual :P)

Dejected Raj went to his friends (guys) and told them the story... and all guys had only one response "So, how was she?" And thus ends the difference between guys and girls ;-)

Remember: Girls are always right... Don't bother trying to prove them wrong


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