A Day Of Technology

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Applied Technology is my favourite"

Today was an interesting day because it started with me realising that Vodafone screwed with my GPRS settings and I was not able to shut net off and apps on my phone were downloading and refreshing and updating all night resulting in a lot of currency going *poof*. So I decided to go for a great plan that they offer, with 2GB download for Rs. 95.

My tryst with technology
Yeah, I knew most of these things before - but to actually use them together was great fun. I normally used wi-fi with my phone. But today I went full on with GPRS.

I was chatting with two friends - Pavan and Narayan from my phone, when Narayan told me he was traveling. He was using Google Chat from his phone. So I asked him to turn on Google Latitude. Once he did that, I could see where he was on my phone. With a simple touch, I could also get a route - following which I could go meet him. I could see Pavan was lazing in his house.

The next app I decided to use was Layar, and the Google Local Search with it. I searched for Petrol Bunks and ATMs and restaurants and hospitals separately. The list appeared, and my phone camera was turned on. All I did was keep my phone horizontal and I could see the restaurants pop up on my phone when my phone was directly pointing in that direction. I could see the name and distance. Touching the pins gave me more details, with map and reviews - including showing the ratings that I had given earlier.

With Navigation and GPS, I am never lost - and it is phenomenal - the uses of this. In case of an emergency, I know where the nearest hospital is. If I am hungry I can search for restaurants around me. And if I am new to a place, I can search for places nearby with Google Places or Layar's awesome layers.

Instead of conventional messaging and calling, I can now chat and make VoIP calls. I can click on my friends' names, and call, message, chat, VoIP, mail or see their current location!

Own an Android or an iPhone. If you own anything else, you are probably outdated :-)


Roshni said…
I understand how important GPS is for you :P
Haha it is of extremely great importance to me... :-) Without that, I would be like a sheep in Wonder La :P (that means lost)

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