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Akshaya Patra Scheme - Awesome!

Baba Gyani Triviani said: " May the Akshaya Patra bowl of now be like the Akshaya Patra bowl of yore - Neverending, eternal... " I had heard about the Akshaya Patra scheme. But had not really thought about the great deal of effort that goes on behind the scenes. Check out the fantastic processes that goes on under the hood of the Free Mid Day meals for children of Karnataka. If you would like to contribute, then please visit the Akshaya Patra website to feed a child The following is from a mail that I got - I thought I should share with the world, the kind of sophistication that is behind the efficient Akshaya Patra. The kitchen from the outside - a 3 storey building which uses Gravity Flow Mechanism developed in-house by our team. Each kitchen has the capacity to cook between 50,000 to 1,00,000 mid-day meals per day. Costing approximately 9Cr to set up, they are built with funds from public donations. The kitchen from the inside,consisting of rice cauldrons each of whic

Time Travel - A discussion

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " You can NEVER alter the past to correct the future - Live your present wisely " Time travel is a very interesting concept. I had earlier written a different post regarding Time Travel, to see if it was possible. You can read it here . Time Travel and Fate Now let's analyse it slightly differently. Assume Time Travel is possible. Assume I make a time machine and I decide to go back in time to save my girl friend who died in a car crash. Now what happens to the current time frame? That does not stop, and continues to move ahead. I moved back in time - and let us assume that some how I prevented her from going in that car, and thus saved her... Now what? Since I altered the past, the current time frame (before time travel) should continue to move ahead without her. But since she is alive in the past, a new thread should spawn from there on. However if you are a person who believes in fate, then " What has to happen, has to happen "

Petrol and Diesel prices - Graph

Just in case some of you are interested to solve some Data Interpretation type of questions, here's a graph I prepared... DI Question: Study the graph ( click here to enlarge ) and answer the question... After studying the graph, who according to you got screwed between the years 1991 and 2011?

Access Android wirelessly without USB

In this small tutorial, I will show you how to access the contents of your Android phone wirelessly. What I am using in this tutorial is a rooted Samsung Galaxy 3 running Froyo and a computer with Windows XP. Of course, there is Wi-Fi. If you want to know how to root a phone, you can read about it here . I then installed an app called SSHDroid. There is a free version as well as a paid version available. The free version is ad supported - so it won't work if you have ad blocker app active. If you do have one, then just disable ad blocker for some time. (Restart the phone after disabling ad blocker to ensure it works. It hadn't worked for me before) Turn on your Wi-Fi. Once you run SSHDroid, your phone is available to be accessed via Wi-Fi. Now you need to access it from your computer - There are various ways of doing this, including command line. I prefer to use WinSCP - The same tool that you use for iPods and iPhones after Jailbreaking. You can download WinSCP from here .

SSH - Android and Linux

Swami Nikhilaananda said: " I did a very interesting experiment today - I love Android " I am no geek, but I really love seeing some fancy things happening. This is one of the things that I tried out and liked - maybe you guys might also like it. I downloaded an app called ConnectBot which is an SSH client for Android. You can see their page here , and find that on the Android market as well. After installing it, I found there are three options - SSH, Telnet and Local. Next what I did was, I went to my Linux (I use Ubuntu) and ran the SSH server. To do that, first ensure that you have it on your system. Just run the command sudo apt-get install openssh-server Then, I just went to the ConnectBot app and gave my username@IPaddress and said connect. It connected and asked for password - which I provided. Boom, I could browse through my computer through the command prompt - how cool is that? Geeks might not find this great - I was excited :-) There is also a Terminal Emulat

Of cricket, farmers and fashion

Baba Gyani Triviani said: " Now I know why the CD burner software is called Nero " One of the best articles that I read - I didn't write this, got it as a mail. But the views are those that I fully endorse. Read it. --- The Hindu - Open page Yes, you read it right; to hell with the World Cup; to hell with the celebrations; to hell with all the free land and money being showered by different governments on the players. How can I jump, scream, have gallons of beer and cheer for the nation when a few kilometres away the farmers and feeders of my country are taking their own lives in hordes? Do you know that, on average, 47 farmers have been committing suicide every single day in the past 16 years in our shining India — the next economic power, progressive with nine per cent growth? Last month, on March 5, Friday evening, when Bangalore's watering holes were getting filled up, when all the DJs were blaring out deafening music, when we were busy discussing India'


Swami Gulagulaananda said: " If there is one thing which annoys me more than lying, it's hypocrisy " An excellent read this is - Share it with everyone. I picked this from a blog and the author of that blog picked it from an email. So anyway, I thought it was appropriate to give credit to the blog - ------------------------ Got this article via email forwards. The article is signed by journalist Nitin Gupta(Rivaldo) of whom I learnt only today. It is a good read! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DISCLAIMER: I DON'T ENDORSE ANY POLITICAL PARTY. NOR DO I ENDORSE ANY OF WHAT MAYAWATI IS DOING. I WAS JUST TAKEN ABACK BY RAHUL GANDHI'S HYPOCRITICAL COMMENT AT THE RECENT FARMER AGITATION IN UTTAR PRADESH. Rahul Gandhi: "I feel ashamed to call myself an INDIAN after seeing what has happened here in UP". PLEASE DON'T B

VMWare and Mother's Day

Swami Nikhilaananda said: " *face-palm* " This is a mail I got from VMWare - Mother's Day Savings....... for VMWare workstation. Blah! What the hell does Mother's Day and VMWare Workstation have to do with each other? These days I am noticing people string a whole lot of crap together for the heck of it. I have highlighted the two ridiculous things I found in this image with red rectangles and that is not part of the ad :P

Running Marathons For A Cause - Useless!

Baba Gyani Triviani said: " Why run when you can do better " A lot of people run marathons for a cause. I frankly don't know why... So what's the deal with that anyway? Here's an example of one. Some organisers decide to organise an event where people of various streams can come together and participate in the race. They say that the money that you pay for registration goes towards various NGOs. One marathon that I recently happened to stumble upon even went on to say that all kinds of people, old grandparents to young children, physically challenged can also participate in it. And the distance that these people have to go is 4 kms!!! Seriously? I am really curious to see how many people are going to roll 4 kms... Even Senior Citizens. Wow! I am not saying it is impossible, but anyway that is not what I am here to talk about. Not all money goes towards charity... Interestingly, not all of the money goes towards charity. Some of that might go to winners while