Thursday, 26 May 2011

Akshaya Patra Scheme - Awesome!

Baba Gyani Triviani said:
"May the Akshaya Patra bowl of now be like the Akshaya Patra bowl of yore - Neverending, eternal..."

I had heard about the Akshaya Patra scheme. But had not really thought about the great deal of effort that goes on behind the scenes. Check out the fantastic processes that goes on under the hood of the Free Mid Day meals for children of Karnataka. If you would like to contribute, then please visit the Akshaya Patra website to feed a child

The following is from a mail that I got - I thought I should share with the world, the kind of sophistication that is behind the efficient Akshaya Patra.

The kitchen from the outside - a 3 storey building which uses Gravity Flow Mechanism developed in-house by our team. Each kitchen has the capacity to cook between 50,000 to 1,00,000 mid-day meals per day. Costing approximately 9Cr to set up, they are built with funds from public donations.

The kitchen from the inside,consisting of rice cauldrons each of which cooks up to 110kg of rice in 20 minutes. Sambar cauldrons cook up to 1200 lt of sambar in two hours.

It is washed thoroughly on the 2nd floor

Washed rice is sent down the chute to the 1st floor

Rice pours down into steam heated cauldrons for cooking. The entire cooking process takes place on the 1st floor

Super heated steam is used to cook food instead of flame.

When cooking is finished, it is loaded into trolleys

Cooked rice is sent down the chute to the ground floor

It flows down the pipe into containers

Piping hot rice on its way to being loaded into food vans. Around 6000 kilosof rice are cooked daily in each kitchen.

Food materials in Kitchen

Stock in the kitchen

Washed dal and vegetables flows down the chute into sambar cauldron on the 1st floor.

Vegetables and dal ready to be cooked

Sambar being cooked on the first floor

Cooked sambar is packed and sent to the food vans to be loaded.

Chapati dough is mixed

Heavy rollers flatten the dough into thin sheets

Dough is cut into the classic round shape

Making chapatti

Collecting all the chapattis

Transporting akshayapatra food through bus

Happy Kids

Students benifited from akshayapatra

In conclusion, I would like to once again appeal to you to consider contributing at least Rs. 525 that can feed a child for A YEAR! It's a one time pizza for us

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Time Travel - A discussion

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"You can NEVER alter the past to correct the future - Live your present wisely"

Time travel is a very interesting concept. I had earlier written a different post regarding Time Travel, to see if it was possible. You can read it here.

Time Travel and Fate
Now let's analyse it slightly differently. Assume Time Travel is possible. Assume I make a time machine and I decide to go back in time to save my girl friend who died in a car crash. Now what happens to the current time frame? That does not stop, and continues to move ahead. I moved back in time - and let us assume that some how I prevented her from going in that car, and thus saved her... Now what? Since I altered the past, the current time frame (before time travel) should continue to move ahead without her. But since she is alive in the past, a new thread should spawn from there on.

However if you are a person who believes in fate, then "What has to happen, has to happen" no matter what you do. So, if she was destined to die, she will definitely die around that time (may be a little delayed, may be a little later - the skewing happens because of interference I guess) so quite soon, the two time lines should meet and continue as one again.
Imagine that I made more than one changes - Then, the changes get undone in some way or another such that after some time, all the lines match with the same current line and continue as one again. Meaning, if I saved a girl, killed a terrorist who wanted to bomb my college and jumped a signal - My college might end up getting blown by a different terrorist, and I might get fined for riding without a license - What I am saying is that "What had to happen -" the getting fined and college getting blown up will happen by one way or another... essentially saying that Karma will prevail across time lines, and end up merging all time lines...

Note that this is very much needed - because in the time that I am not in the current time frame and gallivanting in a parallel time frame, where am I in the current time frame? That is, I have to return some time later to ensure there is no imbalance because of my absence.

What if no fate?
Ok, the previous discussion was based on the assumption that Karmic philosophy works and will forcibly merge time lines. What if that doesn't happen? Meaning, what if the girl I saved from the car crash doesn't die any time and ends up marrying me and us living a happy life for the next forty years? So that would mean that a new thread is created and sustained.

Infinite instances?
Going to the future should mean that the time lines are pre-drawn and we are merely going according to it. If you manage to go to the future, there would be another instance of you there. Which means, at every time instant of the future you go to, there will be one instance of you there - which would mean that there are infinite instances of you in the future - and the same should be true about the past. So if you were to look at it from God's perspective - we are all animated characters, with our actions prewritten like an animated character's time line. What action I am doing right now, my instance of the past is going to a little later, and my instance of the future has already done it... and this should happen infinitely.

So if this is true, then if I go to the past - and change something at a point of time... From that point, a new instance thread should get created - Now an interesting problem arises. If I go to a point even earlier than this point to which I went to... That is, let me call the first point as A, and the new point as B as shown below.
Now, from B till the point A, we continue in the same Animation Timeline type behaviour. Assume no changes were made, and life was lived normally (Although remember that there is another instance of you all the time co-existing - and you are again creating copies of yourself across all these instances). When we reach A, which time line gets selected? This is going to be a big problem.

So, to avoid this situation, the moment I go to B, another thread should start off - Which basically means that everytime I go to the past, new threads should keep getting created each and every time. So you can NEVER alter the past to correct the future

And will only end up creating whole new dimensions each and every time. This will mean that a lot of resources are getting consumed every time this is done - and if done beyond a certain number of times, the universe will implode :P Out of memory exception

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Petrol and Diesel prices - Graph

Just in case some of you are interested to solve some Data Interpretation type of questions, here's a graph I prepared...

DI Question: Study the graph (click here to enlarge) and answer the question...

After studying the graph, who according to you got screwed between the years 1991 and 2011?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Access Android wirelessly without USB

In this small tutorial, I will show you how to access the contents of your Android phone wirelessly.

What I am using in this tutorial is a rooted Samsung Galaxy 3 running Froyo and a computer with Windows XP. Of course, there is Wi-Fi. If you want to know how to root a phone, you can read about it here.

I then installed an app called SSHDroid. There is a free version as well as a paid version available. The free version is ad supported - so it won't work if you have ad blocker app active. If you do have one, then just disable ad blocker for some time. (Restart the phone after disabling ad blocker to ensure it works. It hadn't worked for me before) Turn on your Wi-Fi.

Once you run SSHDroid, your phone is available to be accessed via Wi-Fi. Now you need to access it from your computer - There are various ways of doing this, including command line. I prefer to use WinSCP - The same tool that you use for iPods and iPhones after Jailbreaking. You can download WinSCP from here.

I download the portable version- you can download the other one too. Then just run WinSCP - Enter the IP address of your phone... If you don't know this, SSHDroid will tell you anyway. Enter the user name as 'root' and password as 'admin'. Connect!!

Your phone and computer are connected wirelessly without USB cable.

You can access not only your memory card but everything - including system files! So be careful

In the path, click on the first slash or navigate upwards till you reach the root. Navigate to the SDcard folder - you can see your entire memory card contents there. You can use WinSCP for copying, moving and other operations...

If you are on Linux, then you don't need any extra applications. I just went to th Places menu, and selected Connect to Server. I entered the appropriate details and you can browse through you phone like it is a drive.

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Thursday, 19 May 2011

SSH - Android and Linux

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"I did a very interesting experiment today - I love Android"

I am no geek, but I really love seeing some fancy things happening. This is one of the things that I tried out and liked - maybe you guys might also like it.

I downloaded an app called ConnectBot which is an SSH client for Android. You can see their page here, and find that on the Android market as well. After installing it, I found there are three options - SSH, Telnet and Local.

Next what I did was, I went to my Linux (I use Ubuntu) and ran the SSH server. To do that, first ensure that you have it on your system. Just run the command
sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Then, I just went to the ConnectBot app and gave my username@IPaddress and said connect. It connected and asked for password - which I provided. Boom, I could browse through my computer through the command prompt - how cool is that? Geeks might not find this great - I was excited :-)

There is also a Terminal Emulator program for Android that can be used to browse and make changes to your Android phone directly, by using it. But you should have rooted your phone for that. See how I rooted my phone.

Of cricket, farmers and fashion

Baba Gyani Triviani said:
"Now I know why the CD burner software is called Nero"

One of the best articles that I read - I didn't write this, got it as a mail. But the views are those that I fully endorse. Read it.

The Hindu - Open page

Yes, you read it right; to hell with the World Cup; to hell with the celebrations; to hell with all the free land and money being showered by different governments on the players. How can I jump, scream, have gallons of beer and cheer for the nation when a few kilometres away the farmers and feeders of my country are taking their own lives in hordes?

Do you know that, on average, 47 farmers have been committing suicide every single day in the past 16 years in our shining India — the next economic power, progressive with nine per cent growth?

Last month, on March 5, Friday evening, when Bangalore's watering holes were getting filled up, when all the DJs were blaring out deafening music, when we were busy discussing India's chances at the World Cup, sitting in CCDs and Baristas — just 100 km away from Bangalore, Swamy Gowda and Vasanthamma, a young farmer couple, hanged themselves, leaving their three very young children to fend for themselves or, most likely, die of malnutrition.

Why did they do it? Were they fighting? No. Were they drunkards? No.

Did they have incurable diseases? No! Then WHY? Because they were unable to repay a loan of Rs 80,000 (a working IT couple's one month salary? 2-3 months EMI?) for years, which had gradually increased to Rs. 1.2 lakh. Because they knew that now they would never be able to pay it back. Because they were hurt. Hurt by our government which announced a huge reduction in import duty for silk in this year's budget (from 30 per cent to 5 per cent).They were struggling silk farmers and instead of help from the government, they get this!

Decrease in import duty means the markets will now be flooded with cheap Chinese silk (as everything else!) and our own farmers will be left in the lurch.

On average, 17,000 farmers have been committing suicide every year, for the past 15 years on the trot. Can you believe it? Most of us wouldn't know this fact. Why? Because, our great Indian media, the world's biggest media, are not interested in reporting this! Why?

Because they are more interested in covering fashion week extravaganzas. They are more interested in ‘why team India was not practising when Pakistanis were sweating it out in stadium on the eve of the match?' They are more interested in Poonam Pandey.

The media are supposed to be the third eye of democracy and also called the fourth estate, but now they have become real estate. Pure business.

So any attention from the media is out of the question. Who is left then? The government? But we all know how it works. The other day, I was passing by Vidhan Soudha in Bangalore and happened to read the slogan written at the entrance, “Government work is god's work”. Now I know why our government has left all its work to god!

Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa announced plots for all the players. But land? In Bangalore? You must be kidding, Mr. C.M.. So he retracts and now wants to give money. But where will it come from?

Taxes, yours and mine. Don't the poor farmers need the land or money more than those players who are already earning in crores?

A government-owned bank will give you loan at six per cent interest rate if you are buying a Mercedes but if a poor farmer wants to buy a tractor, do you know how much it is charging him? Fifteen per cent!

Look at the depths of inequality. Water is Rs. 15 a litre and a SIM card is for free! For how long can we bite the hand that is feeding us? The recent onion price fiasco was just a trailer. Picture abhi baaki hai doston!

In 2008, Lakme India fashion show venue was in a Mumbai five-star hotel and was covered by 500 journalists and the theme was ‘Cotton'. A few hours drive from there, cotton farmers were committing suicide, 4 or 5, everyday! How many TV journalists covered this? Zero!

Sixty-seventy per cent of India's population is living on less than Rs. 20 a day. A bottle of Diet coke for us? The electricity used in a day-night match could help a farmer irrigate his fields for more than a few weeks! Do you know that loadshedding is also class dependent?

Two hours in metros, 4 in towns and 8 in villages. Now, who needs electricity more? A farmer to look after his crop day and night, irrigate, pump water and use machines or a few bored, young professionals with disposable incomes, to log on to Facebook and watch IPL?

How can we splurge thousands on our birthday parties and zoom past in our AC vehicles and sit in cushy chairs in our AC offices and plan a weekend trip to Coorg when on the way, in those small villages, just a few minutes' walk from the roads, someone might be consuming pesticide or hanging himself from a tree for just Rs.10, 000? How can we?

There was much panic when there was swine flu. Every single death in the country was reported second by second, minute by minute. Why?

Because it directly affected our salaried, ambitious, tech-savvy, middle-class. So there were masks, special relief centres, enquiry centres set up by government to please this section. On the other hand, 47 people are dying, every single day for the past 15 years.

Anybody cared to do anything?

It has been observed that within months of a farmer taking his life, his wife follows, either by poisoning the kids first or leaving them on their own. In Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, a distressed woman farmer went to the government seed shop, bought a bottle of pesticide, on credit, went home and drank it. She was under debt for most of her life and now — even her death was on credit!

Centuries ago, there was a Roman emperor, called Nero. He was a strong ruler and also very fond of parties, art, poetry, drinking and a life full of pleasures. Once he decided to organise a grand party and invited all poets, writers, dancers, painters, artists, intellectuals and thinkers of society. Everybody was having a great time eating, drinking, laughing, and socialising. The party was at its peak when it started getting dark. Nero wanted the party to go on. So he ordered and got all the arrested criminals, who were in his jails, around the garden and put them on fire! Burnt them alive, so that there was enough light for the guests to keep on enjoying! The guests had a gala time though they knew the cost of their enjoyment. Now, what kind of conscience those guests had.

What is happening in our country is not different from Nero's party.

We, the middle-class-young-well-earning-mall-hopping-IPL-watching and celebrating-junta are Nero's guests enjoying at the cost of our farmers. Every budget favours the already rich. More exemptions are being given to them at the cost of grabbing the land of our farmers in the name of SEZs, decrease in import duties in the name of neo-liberal policies, increase in the loan interest rates if the product is not worth lakhs and crores. Yes, that's what we are, Nero's guests!

I'm not against celebrations. I'm not against cricket. I'm not against World Cup. I would be the first person to scream, celebrate and feel proud of any of India's achievements but, only if all fellow countrymen, farmers, villagers also stand with me and cheer; only if they do not take their own lives ruthlessly, only if there is no difference between interest rates for a Mercedes and a tractor. That would be the day I also zoom past on a bike, post-Indian win, with an Indian Flag in hand and screaming Bharat Mata Ki Jai. But no, not today. Not at the cost of my feeders. Until then, this is what I say.

To hell with your malls. To hell with your IPL. To hell with your World Cup. And to hell with your celebrations

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"If there is one thing which annoys me more than lying, it's hypocrisy"

An excellent read this is - Share it with everyone. I picked this from a blog and the author of that blog picked it from an email. So anyway, I thought it was appropriate to give credit to the blog -


Got this article via email forwards. The article is signed by journalist Nitin Gupta(Rivaldo) of whom I learnt only today. It is a good read!





Rahul Gandhi: "I feel ashamed to call myself an INDIAN after seeing what has happened here in UP".

Please don't be ashamed of Uttar Pradesh yet. Congress ruled the State for the Majority of the duration Pre Independence to Post Independence.. from 1939 to 1989 ( barring the Periods of Emergency.. Thanks to your Grand Mom Indira G. and a couple of transitional Governments)

8 out of the total 14 Prime Ministers of India have been from UP, 6 out of those 8 have been from Congress...

I think your party had more than half a century and half a Dozen PM's to build a State...

The Reason Mulayam Singh, subsequently came to Power is because your party wasn't exactly Gandhian in their dealings in the State.. So May be If you look at in totality the present chaos in UP is the outcome of the glorious leadership displayed by Congress in UP for about 50 years!

So Please don't feel ashamed as yet Dear Rahul.. For Mayawati is only using the Land Acquisition Bill which your party had itself used to LOOT the Farmers many times in the Past!


Not that I Endorse what Mayawati is doing.. What Mayawati is doing is Unacceptable..

But the past actions of your party and your recent comments, puts a question mark on your INTENT and CONSISTENCY.


But don't be disappointed, I would give you ample reasons to feel ashamed...

You really want to feel Ashamed..?

First Ask Pranav Mukherjee, Why isn't he giving the details of the account holders in the Swiss Banks.

Ask your Mother, Who is impeding the Investigation against Hasan Ali?

Ask her, Who got 60% Kickbacks in the 2G Scam ?

Kalamdi is accused of a Few hundred Crores, Who Pocketed the Rest in the Common Wealth Games?

Ask Praful Patel what he did to the Indian Airlines? Why did Air India let go of the Profitable Routes?

Ask Manmohan Singh. Why/What kept him quiet for so long?

Are Kalmadi and A Raja are Scapegoats to save Big Names like Harshad Mehta was in the 1992 Stock Market Scandal ?

Who let the BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY Accused go Scot Free? ( 20,000 People died in that Tragedy)

Who ordered the State Sponsored Massacre of SIKHS in 84?

Please read more about, How Indira Gandhi pushed the Nation Under Emergency in 76-77, after the HC declared her election to Lok Sabha Void!

(I bet she had utmost respect for DEMOCRACY and JUDICIARY and FREE PRESS)

I guess you know the answers already. So my question is, why the Double Standards in Judging Mayawati and members of your Family and Party?

I condemn Mayawati. But is she the only one you feel Ashamed for?

What about the ones close to you? For their contribution to the Nation's Misery is beyond comparison.

You talk about the Land being taken away from the Farmers. How many Suicides have happened under your Parties Rule in Vidarbha ? Does that not ashame you ?


Your Party gave those Farmers a 72,000 Crore Loan Waiver. Which didn't even reach the Farmers by the way.

So, Why don't you focus on implementing the policies which your govt. has undertaken, instead of earning brownie points by trying to manufacture consent by bombarding us with pictures of having food with Poor Villagers....

You want to feel ashamed. You can feel ashamed for your Party taking CREDIT for DEBITING the Public Money (72,000 crores) from the Government Coffers and literally Wasting it...

You want to feel ashamed.. Feel ashamed for that...


Dear Rahul, to refresh your memory, you were arrested/detained by the FBI the BOSTON Airport in September 2001.

You were carrrying with you $ 1,60,000 in Cash ( Similar to the Arrest of Rahet Fateh Ali Khan recently, because you han't decared that Amount) . US allowed $ 10,000 cash at Immigration.

9 HOURS he was kept at the Airport.

He was later freed on the intervention of the then Prime Minister Mr.Vajpayee.. FBI filed an equivalent of an FIR in US and released him.

When FBI was asked to divulge the information for the reasons Rahul was arrested by Right/Freedom to Information Activists... FBI asked for a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from Rahul Gandhi.

So Subramaniyam Swami wrote a Letter to Rahul Gandhi, " If you have NOTHING to HIDE, Give us the Permission"


Why did that arrest not make Headlines Rahul? You could have gone to the Media and told, "I am ashamed to call myself an INDIAN?".

Or is it that, you only do like to highlight Symbolic Arrests (like in UP) and not Actual Arrests ( In BOSTON)

Because it so happens RAHET FATEH ALI KHAN'S recent arrest was Splashed in the Media and Your arrest in 2001 hardly got a MENTION..

Kindly Clarify.....

In any case, you want to feel ashamed, Read Along...


According to a Provision in the Citizenship Act.

A Foreign National who becomes a Citizen of India, is bounded by the same restrictions, which an Indian would face, If he/she were to become a Citizen of Italy.

(Condition based on principle of reciprocity)


Now Since you can't become a PM in Italy, Unless you are born there.

Likewise an Italian Citizen can't become Indian PM, unless He/She is not born here!

Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI (The Man who Exposed the 2G Scam) sent a letter to the PRESIDENT OF INDIA bringing the same to his Notice. [READ LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT IN ANNEXURE -3]

PRESIDENT OF INDIA sent a letter to Sonia Gandhi to this effect, the day she was about to get sworn in 2004.

Manmohan Singh was brought in the Picture at the last moment to Save Face!!

Rest of the SACRIFICE DRAMA which she choreographed was an EYE WASH!!!

So She didn't make any Sacrifice, It so happens that SONIA GANDHI couldn't have become the PM of INDIA that time.

You could be Ashamed about that Dear Rahul!!


You go to Harvard on Donation Quota. ( Hindujas Gave HARVARD 11 million dollars the same year, when Rajiv Gandhi was in Power)

Then you are expelled in 3 Months/ You Dropped out in 3 Months.... ( Sadly Manmohan Singh wasn't the Dean of Harvard that time, else you might have had a chance... Too Bad, there is only one Manmohan Singh!)

Some Accounts say, You had to Drop out because of Rajiv Ji's Assasination.

May be, But Then Why did you go about lying about being Masters in Economics from Harvard .. before finally taking it off your Resume upon questioning by Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI (The Gentlemen who exposed the 2G Scam)

At St. Stephens.. You Fail the Hindi Exam.

Hindi Exam!!!

And you are representing the Biggest Hindi Speaking State of the Country?


Sonia G gave a sworn affidavit as a Candidate that She Studied English at University of Cambridge

[SEE ANNEXURE-6, 7_37a]

According to Cambridge University, there is no such Student EVER! [ SEE ANNEXURE -7_39]

Upon a Case by Dr. Subramaniyam Swami filed against her,

She subsequently dropped the CAMBRIDGE CREDENTIAL from her Affidavit.

Sonia Gandhi didn't even pass High School.

In this sense, She shares a common Educational Background with Karunanidhi

You Fake your Educational Degree, Your Mother Fakes her Educational Degree.

And then you go out saying, " We want Educated Youth into Politics!"

Letters sent by Dr. Swami to EC and then Speaker of Lok Sabha are in ANNEXURE 7_36 &7_35 RESPECTIVELY

Contrast that with Gandhi Ji , who went to South Africa, Became a Barrister, on Merit, Left all that to work for South Africa, then for the Country....


Not that Education is a Prerequisite for being a great Leader, but then you shouldn't have lied about your qualifications!

You could feel a little ashamed about Lying about your Educational Qualifications. You had your reasons I know, because in India, WE RESPECT EDUCATION!

But who cares about Education, when you are a Youth Icon!!


You traveled in the Local Train for the first time at the Age of 38.

You went to some Villages as a part of Election Campaign.

And you won a Youth Icon!! ... That's why You are my Youth Icon.

For 25 Million People travel by train every day. You are the First Person to win a Youth Icon for boarding a Train.

Thousands of Postmen go to remotest of Villages. None of them have yet gotten a Youth Icon.

You were neither Young Nor Iconic.

Still you became a Youth Icon beating Iconic and Younger Contenders like RAHUL DRAVID.

Shakespeare said, what’s in a Name?

Little did he knew, it’s all in the Name, Especially the Surname!

Speaking of Surname..


Because the Name on your Passport is RAUL VINCI.


May be if you wrote your Surname as Gandhi, you would have experienced, what Gandhi feels like, LITERALLY ( Pun Intended)

But you don't seem to use Gandhi except when you are fighting Elections. (There it makes complete sense).

Imagine fighting by the Name Raul Vinci...Even Leonardo Da Vinci couldn't win an Election in India with that Name!!

It feels sadly Ironic, Gandhi Ji, who inspired Icons like Nelson Mandela ,Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon, across the world, Couldn't inspire members of his party/ Nehru's Family, who only seem to use his Surname for the purposes of FIGHTING ELECTIONS and conveniently use a different name on their PASSPORT.

You could feel ashamed for your Double Standards.


Now you want Youth to Join Politics.

I say First you Join Politics.

Because you haven't joined politics. You have joined a Family Business.

First you join Politics. Win an Election fighting as RAUL VINCI and Not Rahul Gandhi, then come and ask the youth and the Educated Brass for more involvement in Politics.

Also till then, Please don't give me examples of Sachin Pilot and Milind Deora and Naveen Jindal as youth who have joined Politics..

They are not Politicians. They just happen to be Politicians.

Much Like Abhishek Bachchan and other Star Sons are not Actors. They just happen to be Actors (For Obvious Reasons)

So, We would appreciate if you stop requesting the Youth to Join Politics till you establish your credentials...


Rahul Baba, Please understand, Your Father had a lot of money in your Family account (in Swiss Bank) when he died.

Ordinary Youth has to WORK FOR A LIVING.


If our Father had left thousands of Crores with us, We might consider doing the same..

But we have to Work. Not just for ourselves. But also for you. So that we can pay 30% of our Income to the Govt. which can then be channelized to the Swiss Banks and your Personal Accounts under some Pseudo Names.

So Rahul, Please don't mind If the Youth doesn't Join Politics. We are doing our best to fund your Election Campaigns and your Chopper Trips to the Villages.

Somebody has to Earn the Money that Politicians Feed On.


You want to feel ashamed..

Feel Ashamed for what the First Family of Politics has been reduced to...

A Money Laundering Enterprise.

If MONEY is all the Motivation there is, You can Feel Ashamed for Sonia G's 'POVERTY of AMBITION'

You really want to feel Ashamed.

Feel Ashamed for what you ' SO CALLED GANDHI'S' have done to Mahatma's Legacy..

Meanwhile, I would request Sonia Gandhi to change her name to $ONIA GANDHI, and you could replace the 'R' in RAHUL/RAUL by the New Rupee Symbol!!!

RAUL VINCI: I am ashamed to call myself an Indian.

Even we are ashamed to call you so!

P.S: Popular Media is either bought or blackmailed, controlled to Manufacture Consent!

My Guess is Social Media is still a Democratic Platform.

Let's ask these questions, for we deserve some Answers.

For we are all Gandhi's. For he is the Father of the Nation.

To know more, try looking for Dr. SUBRAMANIYAM SWAMI. He is the reason today 2G SCAM is being Investigated!!!



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Of Cricket, Farmers and Fashion

Sunday, 15 May 2011

VMWare and Mother's Day

Swami Nikhilaananda said:

This is a mail I got from VMWare - Mother's Day Savings....... for VMWare workstation. Blah! What the hell does Mother's Day and VMWare Workstation have to do with each other? These days I am noticing people string a whole lot of crap together for the heck of it. I have highlighted the two ridiculous things I found in this image with red rectangles and that is not part of the ad :P

Friday, 13 May 2011

Running Marathons For A Cause - Useless!

Baba Gyani Triviani said:

"Why run when you can do better"

A lot of people run marathons for a cause. I frankly don't know why...

So what's the deal with that anyway?

Here's an example of one. Some organisers decide to organise an event where people of various streams can come together and participate in the race. They say that the money that you pay for registration goes towards various NGOs. One marathon that I recently happened to stumble upon even went on to say that all kinds of people, old grandparents to young children, physically challenged can also participate in it. And the distance that these people have to go is 4 kms!!! Seriously? I am really curious to see how many people are going to roll 4 kms... Even Senior Citizens. Wow! I am not saying it is impossible, but anyway that is not what I am here to talk about.

Not all money goes towards charity...

Interestingly, not all of the money goes towards charity. Some of that might go to winners while some might go for organising... and the rest goes towards NGOs. So basically not ALL the money goes towards NGOs. Ok, that's also fine...

NGOs are known to siphon money off?

Now for the money that goes to the NGOs, how much of it is really utilised? There was an article recently in the newspaper as well as in other places about something that was already well known - What is it? It says that these NGOs that are created to resolve problems by collecting money from people themselves siphon off the money and most of the times never reaches the people who need it. Hey, wait a minute, sounds like our politicians... And apparently many NGOs are fronts for money laundering!

Why so many NGOs for same causes?

If you go around and see, you will see that there several 'duplicate entries' of NGOs, in the sense that hundreds of NGOs are fighting for the same cause in the same location... Isn't that strange? Isn't it better to unite all these NGOs into one unit, have these NGOs as departments for administration and then divide and allocate funds evenly across - The way in which each department may want to execute it might differ, thus departments to avoid conflicts, but hell, in the end, you are all fighting for the same cause... What's the point of having several different individual units? We have seen collaboration is always better than running individually. You can also have a greater clout in making the government change incorrect policies because of sheer numbers that you have.

So wait Gyani, what are you proposing then?

What I am proposing is that NGOs of similar types should unite and collect money and share money together - as mentioned above.

Do something more useful and creative

Secondly, stop organising candle light marches and races for every damn thing. Too cliched! Do something more creative and useful... Why don't you get people to do stuff like plant a sapling/tree each. After all, you expect people to participate for donating and not for their return of investment. Moreover, people running around is going to earn us nothing (maybe the fat ones will lose few calories but make it up quite soon anyway) but the rest will have sore feet. This way, you are helping the environment a lot and making the places cooler, repairing damange by Bangalore Metro.

Make NGOs become more transparent.

In this era of technology, how difficult is it for NGOs to make things more transparent? Why can't a system be designed where every time someone contributes, and money is taken out, it gets listed in public domain? The transfer of money needs to be done such that it is instantly reflected. That way, we will know where each rupee goes, just like our bank account via netbanking where we see every single transaction. Clicking on a link can show us more details - come on, this is not at all difficult - pay me a thousand bucks and I will design it for you :P

Do things yourself

And it is better that you do some charity yourself, rather than relying on someone else... I know I told you that you can harness the power of unity and collaboration earlier, but doing things yourself has two advantages - One, you will know the ground reality yourself, and two, you will know exactly how your money is utilised because you are doing it. The benefits of doing something and getting satisfied is much better because the joy is felt directly and is more personal as against behaving like a corporation and being faceless. Be more personally involved. Giving money isn't the end of the problems - seeing to it that it is utilised and ridding ourselves of problems is.

Agree or Disagree? Share your views

If you disagree with me, share your thoughts, and if you agree with me, share the note so that we avoid people commiting mistakes


Comments from Facebook

Ramesh Radhakrishna: Running marathons for fighting obesity in which all the participants are obese is fine man ... :-P

Nikhil Baliga: There's an Artistick cartoon on that - created one year back

Ramesh Radhakrishna: I remember that ... But, completely agree with you on running marathons ...

Dhanabal Lingasamy: yeah...when you do anything charitable, doing that yourself is the best way..but there sure are some good NGO's which are not corrupt

Ramesh Radhakrishna: dhanno ... so u want to run alone for charity ??

Ashrith Rao: There is a lot of bad Cholesterol in this world dude..Not a bad cause for a cause,..It is better than fasting for a cause anyway!! :)

Deepthi Shetty: ‎:) I think you got it wrong. It's not running for ONLY a cause. It's first running. Running for fun, maybe. It feels good when you see people from all walks of life taking part. The crowd n the feel of it is different!

Now the good part is, they (referring to the B'lore World 10k) are giving some amount off as charity too. So you don't really have to pooh-pooh it.

Coming to your point:

1) "..And the distance that these people have to go is 4 kms!!! Seriously? I am really curious to see how many people are going to roll 4 kms... Even Senior Citizens. Wow! I am not saying it is impossible, but anyway that is not what I am here to talk about."

Oh great, you were NOT going to talk about it. I wonder why you even mentioned it..

2)"Not all money goes towards charity"

Well of course, a lot of work goes into organizing these stuff. There are people working for it. And they do a clean job out of it. Don't you think they deserve to be paid for it? So yes, the money goes for that. a very silly point.

3)"NGOs are known to siphon money off?"

Well, what do you think can be done? We can't be so paranoid in life. Why don't do a survey and get a list of 'clean' NGOs so that those are the ones to which the amount can go? Or wait, would the event organisers have done that? Damn, didn't think of that.

4)"Why so many NGOs for same causes?"

Why do we have so many software companies doing the same work? Why don't all the companies of the same domain unit into one big thing, so that we have all people working uniformly under the same rules? No right? It isn't possible. The end deliverable is the same, so it doesn't matter how it's done, as long as it's done.

5) "stop organising candle light marches and races for every damn thing"

Well you can say candle light marches is a way of people making a point to the government. And as i said running is not always for a cause.

6)"Make NGOs become more transparent."

you should perhaps move this into a different topic.

7) "Do things yourself"

How? How exactly? when you want to do something and do it sytematically so that it's stabel and works for a long need more than yourself. You will need a group. When there are NGOs already present, why don;t you give them money instead. If you want to see the 'ground reality' you can spend a day or two with NGO and get a glimpse of their routine. So you know what exactly happens.

At the end of it, i think the point i gathered was you have some stigma attached to the word "NGO"! And hence this outrage?

Nikhil Baliga: Run around - nobody stops you. Like I said, my problem is with "Running FOR A CAUSE" :-) So your "giving some amount off as charity *too* " is incorrect, because if you are running for a cause, it is FOR THE CHARITY - which is the reason why people are running. The exercise and getting together is a side show. And I am not pooh-pooh ing it, I am questioning it. If your points are valid, I will spread the message and get more people to run :-) Trust me, I will...

However, your arguments are all flawed in the following manners respectively.

1) haha I mentioned it because I find it ridiculous. Period.

2) No comments - My statement is still correct. That's why I said at the end that *it is fine*.

3) We have to be paranoid. Unfortunately! And you know it is impossible to do a survey - A, because I am not sitting around twiddling my thumbs and B, because you don't know what happens within. It is like giving money to a guy who is a known drunk, because he is poor. So do you expect me to squander money on a poor man, thinking I am helping him and his poor family, when I *know* that he will waste it in drinking? Instead, I will do something that he can't use for drinking, like perhaps directly paying his daughter's fees in school. So, my point is to bypass agencies that are suspected of corruption. You can't not be paranoid when you pour out money, at least I am that type - and I call it careful, not paranoid. Which is why I direct my efforts through places where I see things happening myself.

Regarding organisers checking if things are clean, looks like you didn't read the document fully - They are saying that we can choose our own NGOs. Assume I start my own NGO (for siphoning out money) and ask my friends to run and get others to give my NGO as their chosen NGO, then I get money... What checking can you possibly do there? Besides, it is difficult to do monitoring if you don't have transparent systems - which also I had mentioned

4) You are totally off the mark here - a company and an NGO are not at all similar! A company is not sitting for social service - they are there for profit! This is like comparing apples and oranges. Now, companies coming together for same thing is also not good because by destroying competition, you are destroying quality. In NGOs, you don't have that - there is no competition, there is only a cause. Regarding creativity, that is why I said departments, so that people can continue to be creative in their own ways within the organisation...

5) No comment - These runs are called Run FOR A CAUSE. Otherwise it is Annual Sports Day.

6) This is very much relevant to the topic because of aforementioned reasons

7) Like I said before, you have two options - Be part of the system which is transparent and harness the power of collaboration, or do things on a much smaller scale. NGOs are not the only way to go ahead - especially if they are not fully transparent. I want to know where exactly how much money is going. I struggle to earn money and when I am giving it away just like that, I would like to see it being used properly. Ground reality is very important because of an experience I had recently, maybe another time. But what's more important is to be personally involved once in a while if you want to work individually or with friends. But for collaborative efforts, where money involved is huge, you need transparency. I am not saying huge systems are bad - in fact, I always advocated systems, but transparent ones.

At the end of it, the point you gathered is incorrect. I advocate transparent collaborative systems - not hype

Dhanabal Lingasamy: hey..gymmy.. i would seriously prefer spend my energy in some useful instead of running for cause and routing the money through NGO..if you really want to help..its not necessarily to be through some NGO's

Susheela Sadashivaiah: @‎Nikhil Baliga actually running a marathon is not doing harm to ne1 rite..ppl who r participating in it are willingly participating, maybe friends will get together , run(good for health also!) , have a nice time...and ofcourse the charity, it may not be the best way to donate...still it is def not a bad or harmful way also.. :) even we dont go...just let it be!

Nikhil Baliga: It is not bad or harmful - But instead of diverting a fraction of funds towards award winners of race and organising, you could have saved that much :-)

Like I said, run if you want to - Post stuff on Facebook, rally all your friends and run - You don't have to necessarily club it with causes all the time. That's not my point anyway. My point is transparency in NGOs and more work and less talk. I just don't like things that get hyped and show no results in the end

Susheela Sadashivaiah: not that we really know if there is no work going on in NGOs..there are many NGOs that are doing good work....der is good and bad in evrything..u def knw dat...likewise in NGOs too na...

guess if u luk at the no. of ppl turning out for the event..the prize money is very less compared to will def help some ppl :)

Nikhil Baliga: @‎Susheela Sadashivaiah - :) I can let things be... However, my blog's description is as follows...

I basically use this blog to maintain a log of things that happen around me and some of my views (generally related to things that happen) - and I try to lay them out in a logical fashion...I don't intend to offend anyone. However, if you feel that you don't agree with any of my entries, please feel free to post a comment.

Read crazy stories, great preachings of the wise Swami Gulagulaananda and *a whole lot of random bashings of random entities*.....

Things that you will stumble across could range from philosophy through geek stuff, from support to the under dog *to blatant stone pelting to the kings*, .....

So I consider it my right to challenge things like these :D I am not saying DON'T DO it. I am asking WHY ARE YOU DOING IT

When we identify the good and bad, it is more efficient. You are again making the same point as Deeps did above. It is more efficient for me to channelise efforts towards *known* clean entities rather than *hoping* it is clean

Susheela Sadashivaiah: @‎Nikhil Baliga yes baba :) u r also asking to share our did...and for knowing clean entities...agreed its always good to know.. but wen u really cannot know...sometimes its good to hope too :)

Nikhil Baliga: @‎Susheela Sadashivaiah - Which part did you disagree with? Are you saying NGOs should not be more transparent than they are and we should be OK with the current state? Or are you saying we should just give money to some NGO that is asking for money because they claim that they are doing some good? Is it better to hope that they are good or is it better to compel and force them to be good through measures of transparency? Isn't that what we want with governments too? Isn't that what we were arguing with RTI and Lokpal? Why not the same with NGOs?

:-) No no, I am not shouting, don't get me wrong hehe :) I just talk like that :P So, still, views are needed, because I get to see others' angles too

Susheela Sadashivaiah: @‎Nikhil Baliga ok Sir! :) i'm just saying ....

1. events like these marathon runs r not useless :)

other Qs....null and void.. i agree with u.....

2. Hoping that a large organization that conducts the event , donates the money to NGO knows that it is doing good work and then giving coz everytime..we cant check evrything..apart from doing something in oder NGOs we knw r doing good work...this may be 1 place ..wen u feel ok..let me go for the will be the same time i hope they r giving it to a good organization...dats all!

Aditya Padaki: Well, according to me, most of the marathons or candle light assembling is done to create awareness more than anything else. If it creates awareness in a few hundred people and even five or ten of them start working towards it seriously (coz of the awareness s/he got from it), I guess the job of the marathon/gathering is done. There are very few other ways (than public gatherings) without involving heavy money to create awareness among masses.

Reg. uniting all the NGOs for same cause, it may not be a very good idea. Each organisation has its own way of functioning and principles. Nikhil Baliga's NGO does not believe in organising public gatherings where as some other one believes in it (This is just an e.g :P. Extend it to thousands of other things). Should both the organisations unite, there will be heavy differences of opinion. This will only reduce the overall throughput. Rather than uniting, let the organiations individually perform however to the best of their ability. The end result will be more effective this way. :)

Nikhil Baliga: Hahaha I was hoping someone would bring up awareness :-) I'm glad I wasn't disappointed. Tell me, what awareness? The fact that people are poor, uneducated or disabled is very well known. The fact that NGOs exist for that is very well known, and the means of locating NGOs is a matter of minutes with development of search engines. Mind you, the people who are running these marathons are not slum dwellers or ignoramuses - They are very much computer literate and tech savvy, if not programmers! So what awareness? Awareness that we've to donate? Awareness doesn't come into the picture.

Regarding conflicts, I've repeatedly mentioned that departments function independently - so the NGOs continue to work like before and don't get interference in internal management from others - like I said, creativity or anything else for that matter is not hindered. There won't be conflicts and debates. But they have added benefits of collaboration, filling of shortage of volunteers - one dept can loan out to another, fund raising and sharing, greater value and clout because of sheer size, better networking, more inputs - It has all the benefits of co-operative working...