Economic Warfare - In my games and in the world

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"Nothing works better than economic strangleholds... Whether it is a game or a country"

Economic stranglehold is a simple concept... Stop the money supply, and people will start acting like fish out of water, gasping, suffocating... Money, from ages together, has been an extremely vital component. You need money to do almost anything - Starting from buying basic amenities like food and clothing, till items of luxury.

Economic strangulation technique in a game
Red Alert 2 is a superb Command and Conquer game (akin to Age Of Empires, except that it has modern weapons and tanks instead of sword wielding horsemen) and when I used to play it in the beginning, I used to fight head-on, by continuously engaging in periodic skirmishes with the enemy, destroying their units, while I also lost a lot of mine. In the beginning, my techniques involved bloodshed, involved a lot of losses on both sides. And at times, I found that when I needed a lot of units as soon as possible, I was in trouble, because continuous production of units required continuous supply of money, and when I was low on cash, I couldn't produce any units. Then I thought to myself - What if I employ the same technique on the opponent? Subsequently, my strategy took a paradigm shift - I didn't keep attacking their units... Instead, I kept destroying their ore miners, the units that collect money in swift powerful attacks. With time, his unit production slowed down - and what's better for me, he started selling his own defence units to get money so as to build more ore miners, that I kept destroying. With time, he had no defence units, and I could easily overpower him.

Similar techniques in real life - Economic sanctions and more
Now visualise the same techniques used against countries. If you are a very powerful country (Read USA) and want to bring a country to its knees so that you can dominate it - Simple! Use economic control... Create some scenarios, put sanctions on it - *Boom*. They can't do anything. Then USA can dominate them and become the puppet masters.

Extend the same thing to a smaller scale - You have a poor person... You can make him become anything, using the lure of money - You can make him a terrorist (happened in 26/11), you can convert him to a different religion (evangelists use this) or make him commit crimes of various kinds. In fact, he himself will become a criminal, because he will want money...

To summarise, with great money, great number of things can be controlled and you are aware of it - whether it's people, politicians, media or whatever...

What if there was no money in this world?
Imagine a world where there is no concept of money... Imagine all resources will be given to you, including food, a place to stay comfortably and all means of travel. A futuristic world. There is absolutely no necessity to do something to "feed your stomach". You are free to do anything because you want to do it. No more "Yeah, I know you love that job, but it doesn't pay well" or any other excuses.

Do you think such a world will bring about greater development? Or do you think people will have no incentives or motivation to do anything because they already have everything...? Do let me know!

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Mithun Shroff: As soon as I read "world without money", I was about to comment "Hey .. you've heard of project Venus?" .. But then I saw it at the end of your post.. :-)


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