Vodafone customer care has a good sense of humour

Swami Nikhilaananda tweeted:
" @VodafoneIN - *face-palm* "

When you are using some service online, there is normally a checkbox before you hit submit where you agree to receive mails "Special Offers" and other newsletters. A good web site is one that has this checkbox disabled by default, and before hitting submit, if the user wants to receive it, he will check the box. However, most people don't like getting unwanted mails flooding their inboxes, and end up not selecting this box.

So, what some services do is that they keep this checked by default. This is not a good system for the end-user because a lot of them just hit submit without seeing that they are unknowingly authorsing the service to send them mails. Unchecking it each time I perform an operation is tedious, tiresome, arduous, labourious and what not.... So good systems should not enable this.

Vodafone has one such checkbox that is enabled by default. So, every time I recharge my phone online, I have to uncheck it. So, I tweeted to Vodafone saying that it is a better idea to remove it. I even provided a screenshot. See the screenshot and their response below...

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Screenshot that I provided

My tweet, followed by their reply

I have provided all the details, and they have still replied with some non-sense... I believe their customer care sucks 95% of the times... I have had a very bad experience with them. That resulted in a series of Tweet Insults for Vodafone. You can see it here

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