Fanaticism and Truth

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"When you are a fanatic, even the simplest truths appear untrue"

I don't want to talk a lot about this - The statement made above should suffice and prove to be self explanatory. However, if you can follow Kannada, watch the video below. I personally enjoy watching a lot of Kannada movies (not the latest ones, but the ones that were released up to around five years back) and am an avid fan of Udaya Movies and similar Kannada channels. I enjoy all kinds of goofy antics of various actors, some times even slapstick (not if it is too annoying) and a whole lot of other areas...

However, watch a short clip that I happened to stumble across when I was browsing through some Kannada clips. This dialogue IS crappy according to me, because there is nothing remotely funny. But go through the comment threads and see what people have written. Some insult Kannada (which is wrong), Kannada movies in general (which is wrong), some defend Kannada (of course, right) and some who support the movie clip (which makes me wonder...)


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