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Religious Tolerance

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " I continue to insist on religious tolerance and acceptance. " This post is mainly intended to promote a view that I have had for quite some time - That every person should be allowed to believe and follow the religion of his/her choice . I would also like to express A STRONG HATRED TOWARDS EVANGELISTS who keep coming and insisting that only their religion is right and every one else are wrong and that we should follow ONLY their religion. First, watch this video I would like all of you to watch a beautiful video on Religious Tolerance here . Next, read these posts Please watch that video before continuing with the rest of this entry. Well. the main idea of this post is to promote that video, and also to serve as a place that emphasises why I have a dislike for evangelists. For that, just go through the following posts... To Each His Own A post where two people pissed me off on Orkut - One guy says that Krishna is nothing but stone , and s