Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Barber and his Customer - A Judgement Question

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"When you travel by car and you see a bus hogging up the street, you keep honking asking him to move to the side so that at least a faster vehicle can move through quickly... When you are inside the bus, you get irritated when you listen to the incessant honking by a car behind you and you say 'What's the hurry man? We are moving ahead, right? It's not like I am standing still. Stop honking' Several times, right and wrong depends on perspective"

Ramu had not had his hair cut for quite some time. It had grown long and unmanageable, and he decided to go to his usual barber. So, Ramu set out with his long unkempt hair and unshaved face towards the usual saloon which he had been going to for the past five years. He hated walking a kilometre just to get a haircut and then another kilometre back. The barber greeted Ramu, and after finishing his business with the customer who had come to get his hair trimmed, the barber asked Ramu to take a seat on the big chair. Ramu settled dreamily in the chair, and was looking at the posters of various people in punk hairstyles. He wanted to try on of those, but his college was quite strict about dress code (No, he was not from PESIT :P)

So, Ramu said "The usual" which was medium haircut. After the dexterous hands were done clipping out all the extra mane, Ramu still didn't feel handsome enough. Of course, the beard! The barber always used to ask Ramu if he wanted a shave, to which the answer was no so often, that the barber had stopped asking. So, Ramu surprised the barber and said "Shave also". The barber was done with the shave in a mere five minutes, and Ramu looked at his handsome face and smiled.

He had seen a sheet of paper stuck on the wall that had various services and prices against them during his previous visits. He remembered a haircut cost him Rs. 30, a shave was Rs. 15 while a haircut and a shave together was Rs. 40. He had Rs. 40 in his pocket because he thought he could buy a couple of shampoo sachets after he was done with the spare Rs. 10. He saw that the sheet was not there, but that didn't matter... The prices rarely changed. He gave the Rs. 40 to the barber, who after counting the money said "Sir, it's Rs. 45". Had the prices changed? Well, Ramu didn't have the money, and he would have to walk two extra kilometres for the Rs. 5. He just stood there with his eyes open wide, and the barber said "No problem, Sir, give it next time"

Ramu was walking back home, and he was trying to think if paying so much money was worth it. The haircuts always invited a lot of ridicule, because a lot of people made fun of the funny haircut (Ok, I have experienced THIS a lot too :P) and so he felt that the money that he had been paying all along was high. And now, this extra five rupees? Does he really deserve it? Ramu seriously disagreed with it. He felt that the money charged by the barber was too high compared to other barbers (assume this is factually true for now) and now, he had hiked it further.

He noticed that a barber shop had opened much closer to his house than the regular barber who was a kilometre away. Ramu hated walking two kilometres for a haircut, and decided to give this new guy a try. He thought that the five rupees that he owed the regular barber can now be forgotten because for the dumb haircut given, he had already got more than what he deserved...

Assume that the barber really does overcharge. Assume Ramu's haircut is bad by regular standards... Which option would you pick?
  1. Price charged by barber is his choice. Take it or leave it. Ramu had the option to go to some other barber. Once he comes here, he should stick by barber's rules
  2. Barber does shoddy work, and on top of that the barber is overcharging. It is not about the money. You should deserve and then desire. If he had deserved, Ramu would have given him. Barber got what he deserved. He shouldn't get that extra Rs. 5.
When you travel by car and you see a bus hogging up the street, you keep honking asking him to move to the side so that at least a faster vehicle can move through quickly... When you are inside the bus, you get irritated when you listen to the incessant honking by a car behind you and you say 'What's the hurry man? We are moving ahead, right? It's not like I am standing still. Stop honking' It's all about perspective.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Copycat Posters

Baba Gyani Triviani said:

"Copy cat, kill the rat, tell your mother to make you fat"

Click on the image below to view it in full size.

This photo was taken on Mysore road - Two movie posters "Rama Rama Raghu Rama" (Left most) and "Vaa Re Vaa" (Right most) have been picked from the main photo shown above and zoomed into, to show them to you next to each other. Notice that the style employed is the same.

As nice as the idea is, it is a turn off to see identical posters next to each other. Incidentally, Vaa Re Vaa was the one to appear there first, making the other a copycat

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit [A review]

Baba Gyani Triviani said:
"I love to drive on the left side in the US. Hell, I am a felon in NFS anyway... Catch me if you can"

'One of the best games I have played' - Swami Nikhilaananda

'Marvellous! Extreme action, extreme graphics... extremely satisfied' - Swami Gulagulaananda

This game is one of the best that I have played. I bought it at just $0.99 which I got for some offer.

EA has brought out yet another masterpiece. The Need For Speed game series has been one of the most popular ones out there, and this one is for your iPod.

The Modes
The NFS Hot Pursuit has two modes - Racer and Police. In the racer mode, you are a punk who evades the law, and the police are in hot pursuit. There are four main stages - Each stage has different tracks with each track having its own mode. In one, you just have to evade a police car that is constantly chasing you, and reach the finish line within a given time. Along the way, you will be chased by a police car that you can bust, and there will be annoying vehicles of the citizens that keep coming along the way. There is an elimination mode, where you have to come first, a race mode, where you have to be within the top 3, and so on. The police mode is where it's the other way around.

The controls
You control the car by tilting the iPod to move. It has auto acceleration that you can change to manual if you wish, along with brakes (which I never use). A simple slide of your finger will release the enormous acceleration of nitro boost that will, as the name says, boost your speed temporarily. You can pause the game at any stage, and change some things on the fly. Simple is the keyword overall.

Earn bounty
As you burn rubber and leave a trail of blazing fire along the path, you can earn bounty by doing various stunts. Driving at high speeds and turning suddenly (Also known as drift) or nudging others' vehicles, including citizens and police cars as well, earn money. Not only that, my favourite stunt is to drive extremely fast and extremely close to an oncoming car (Near Miss) where you can hear their horn (With Doppler effect - although I have a feeling you can listen to 'Crazy punk' if you listen closely). Not only this, you also have ways of earning more money by coupling these stunts with Nitro boost

Extra powers
Think this is it? Far from it... While driving, you get extra powers. You get nitro boost in every game, but apart from this, you also get overdrive mode (which looks and feels great by the way) where you can go really blazing fast and ram through the police roadblocks, oil slicks that you can use to spin cars approaching from behind out of control, as well as police radar jammer to well, jam the police radar. Similarly, in the police mode, you have equivalent modes.

Looking for Android games?
If you are looking for some really good apps for you Android phone instead, check out some here.

Amazing cars and great sound effects with music
As the title says, with advances in levels and with increasingly higher amounts you earn as bounty, you can buy better cars, faster cars. You also have the ability to change colours of those cars to the one that you like. They also let you view the cars from all angles by swiping your finger. EA has done an amazing job with this game. Sound effects are great and the music as well. Really exciting!

The tracks
Drive through various tracks including coastal, deserts and others with amazing graphics. The time of the day changes as well - day, dusk and night... and gives you a great effect overall.

Other features
If you get bored of playing this game against the computer (although I'll bet you won't for a long time - considering two modes - racer and police, various challenges and so on) you can play against your friends over Wi-fi or Bluetooth.

Like I said before, the game is one of the best you can play. Buy it now, and have a great experience.