Some restaurants I've been in Bangalore and their reviews

Baba Gyani Triviani said:

Here is a list of some of the restaurants I have been to, and my opinions - You can take them as a brief review. I am talking only about buffets in the following restaurants. The list is not complete, and I will be updating it frequently. I won't waste a lot of time, describing too many things - Short and sweet, I say... The idea is to only tell you whether you can avoid it or venture... or whether it is really worth it. You can find more information on other websites if any of these catches your eye

Highly recommended
  • Food tastes excellent
  • A large number of dishes
  • Plays very good music and nice ambience
  • Service is excellent
  • Price is very high
Mainland China
  • Food is very good
  • Variety is good
  • A very nice ambience, feels sophisticated
  • Excellent service
  • Price is moderate
Barbecue Nation
  • Starters and desserts are excellent. Starters are no good for pure veggies
  • Good service
  • Everything else is average
The Mark Boulevard
  • Extremely crowded
  • Completely self service
  • Average food, got over two hours before close of buffet. Many items were not refilled.
  • Ambience was ruined because of crowd - Felt like a market
  • This is my experience. Apparently others have had similar experiences
  • Similar to The Mark Boulevard, food got over although they started ordering and getting it from somewhere
  • Taste was average, nothing spectacular
  • Very bad management of customers - We were made to wait for a really long time before service started.
  • Although this was my experience, some of my friends have had very similar experiences. Some people however have had very good experiences as well.

Heera Panna
  • Nothing to talk about, it was an average place.
  • Try Jalsa instead - Though run by the same management (I heard) Jalsa far supersedes this and Ruh
  • Quite pricy for the overall experience.

Higher Taste
Highly Recommended
  • Great place for pure vegetarians - No onions, no garlic and yet, no reduction in taste
  • Food tastes very good
  • Ambience is very good
  • Self service buffet, though people are very courteous
  • Good price
  • One of the few places where you get pure vegetarian buffets.
  • Food was good
  • Service was good
  • Very nice varieties
  • Price was very good (affordable)
  • Average ambience

Mast Kalandar
  • Nothing great to talk about, limited variety and average place.

  • A very good place for Italian. Tasty food
  • Service is good
  • Well priced
  • Just try avoiding tea, though the place is supposed to be a hub of tea :-) We had a very bad experience with chocolate tea.
  • Good ambience

  • A very nice place for Rajasthani food
  • A lot of varieties
  • South Indians will love it more because you will see a host of things for the first time
  • Good service
  • Excellent price (moderate)
  • Ambience is average

Legacy of Punjab
Highly Recommended
  • Excellent food
  • Average ambience
  • Very good service
  • Good pricing
  • Good variety
Three Quarters Chinese
Very Good
  • The Church Street one has very good ambience
  • The Jayanagar one has nice ambience
  • Very good service
  • We didn't have buffet here in both locations, but the food tasted good
  • Food tasted good
  • Service was sluggish
  • Ambience was good, although we were the only people there that day
  • Good pricing
  • Good food
  • Pricy for the quality
  • Self service
  • Good ambience
  • Limited variety
Citrus (Leela)
  • Ambience is exquisite
  • Extremely pricy
  • Average food, mostly bland
  • Very good service
  • Not recommended to eat, but definitely a place to sit :-)
The Taj West End
  • Ambience is very good
  • Excellent service
  • Food tastes very good (much better than Citrus)
  • Extremely pricy (Higher than Citrus)
Herbs and Spices
  • Ambience is nice if you can sit outside amidst the greenery
  • Food is average, but desserts are excellent
  • Service is good
  • Overall, both the times we went, we were very satisfied with it.
Wok With Chung
Recommended - Contributed by Sreedevi
  • Good food
  • Good service
  • Good price
South Tindies
Recommended - Contributed by Vidhathri
  • Good Ambience
  • Provides a variety of South Indian delicacies, like those from Udupi/Kerala/Tamil Nadu
  • Self Service, but they are quite quick
  • Reasonable price

I will slowly keep adding, and have not added all of them yet. I can't remember many of them :-) If you have any, you can suggest and I will add them to the list.

Other misc information
If you want a full website with good detailed reviews and location, etc. click here to visit Burrp
If you want phone numbers of any of the restaurants, call Just Dial. For more information about useful services in Bangalore, click here.


Sreedevi said…
for ppl near marathalli bridge, Wok with Chung is also a gr8 place...Price is not high.Good food and good service...
Unknown said…
Try out Food Camp at #87, 10th Cross Street, 1st Temple Street, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

North Indian food will be served on first floor starting from 7pm only

Ambience *****
Service ****1/2
Price Little overpriced

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