Munjaane manjalli...

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Brrrr.... it's so freezing cold, now I know why Bangalore used to be oh-so-awesome"

Bangalore used to be a very very cold place till warming (Global/Local - depends on the type of programmer you are) started. In the past few days, weather in Bangalore is changing so fast that I feel it is more of a trailer than the actual show. One day it rains, one day it's so freaking cold that I can barely feel things I touch (And I was beginning to think it was leprosy) and the very next day is gloomy and next day is bright and sunny. In fact, yesterday was very hot and today morning, there was mist everywhere. Here are four photos that I have to share - Mind you, it's taken around 8:45 AM. It was much higher in the morning... Apparently around 5:00 AM, it had a reddish-orange tinge that made it seem like Martian atmosphere :P

(Click on the images to enlarge)

Taken from the seventh floor - Nothing seems to be visible beyond the metallic railing

That's a 10 storey building that you can barely make out

Feels like Ooty

The 10 storey building is barely seen from here


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