Install Android Apps on SD card

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Some times things that seem perfect may not be really perfect... But there will be workarounds"

I was happy with the great number of apps that Android has to offer and went on an installing spree (Click here if you are looking for great Android apps). And then, I got a warning saying that my phone was reaching the limit of its internal phone memory. Well, my phone Samsung Galaxy 3 (Read review here) is not a high end one, but is a great phone nonetheless. So, the internal memory is not huge - But I have an SD Card (memory card) and should have been able to utilise all that space. But unfortunately, there didn't seem any straightforward way of doing it. Also, unlike iPhone/iPod, where I can connect the device to my computer and move apps in and out, I didn't see such a feature in Android

How to do it?
Well, there are a couple of workarounds for it.

Astro File Manager
Astro File Manager is a great app that you can use to Backup and Restore Apps. There is an option to do this. Just download this app, and go the Tools menu from the options. There you can choose an option to Backup and you can also choose which apps to back up. It will move them to you SD card. Now, you can pull them in and out using your phone as a Mass Storage device.

How to install apps to SD card

First you have to root your phone. To learn to root your phone, read this post if you have not done it already.

Next, download and install an app called 'Move2SD Enabler'. Run it, accept the agreement and choose the External option. It's straightforward and appropriate help is there - nothing to worry about.

Thereafter, everytime you install an app, you can just go to Manage Applications in the Settings, and choose the app that you want to move to your SD card. Since you had selected the External option, the app should have gone to the memory card by default. But some times, that doesn't happen. Then you can just select the option "Move to SD Card" in the Manage Applications screen and you are done. You can move it back to phone too, if you want to do it... That's it!

Just an extra note - there are some apps that work only if they are in phone memory. Till now, 3G WatchDog is the only such app that I have come across - it's a great app if you need someone to keep track of the amount of Data network usage.


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