How to draw the perfect heart

Baba Gyani Triviani said:
"Here is a tip for all you love birds who suck at drawing hearts but have drawn hearts"

Here is a trick that will help a lot of you who want to draw a perfect heart but don't know how. The idea dawned upon me quite a long time ago, but was put into practice in my first year of engineering. One of my friends wanted to ask a girl out, and he wanted to do something, well, errr fancy... Not conventional. So, he wanted to cut out a perfect heart on sheet metal (That's a metal sheet for non-mech people) and paint it red, put a ribbon on it along and gift it to his sweetheart.

But his problem was - How to draw the heart? He asked me to help him out. Well, playing cupid is not exactly my forte (and for those who didn't know, I also play Agony Uncle..... for a nominal fee of course :P) but I had this idea of drawing the heart.

P.S. - Yes, he did use this technique successfully, and the girl loved it!! :-)

So, how exactly did I stumble across this technique?
Long ago, I had this puzzle that all of you would have played - To draw this symbol below without lifting your pen. Try doing it, it is impossible (According to some graph theory or something)

So, while playing this game, I was trying out various possibilities, and found that by eliminating some lines from this figure, what is left out, is a perfect heart.

How to draw the heart in simple steps for dummies
  • Draw a square of desirable length
  • Take a compass and measure a radius that is half the length of the square
  • Keep the tip of the compass in the exact middle of one of the sides of a square and draw an arc such that it touches the two ends of that line
  • Keep the tip of the compass in the middle of an adjacent side, and repeat the above mentioned process
  • Erase all unwanted lines and cut/colour it to suit your needs


And If I were Sheldon Cooper, I would have probably plotted a graph this way!*sqrt(abs(cos(t))))/(sin(t)+%2B+7/5)+-2*sin(t)+%2B+2

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