Clothes maketh man or appearances are deceptive?

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"I always feel that these two quotes are contradictory - 'Appearances are often deceptive' and 'Clothes maketh man"

Today I walked into Cafe Coffee Day wearing shorts and an old T shirt, with long unkempt hair. I wanted to take some cold coffee home. So, I directly walked up to the billing counter and said - "Three Arabian Heights"... The waiter had been looking skeptically at me all along. He said "Ehhh?". That moment was so irritating. I could have sworn he thought I would come to him and say "Anna, please spare some change for me" :P I got irritated and got a smouldering look on my face. I demanded for the menu card in Kannada... Then another waiter who was standing next to him mumbled something. I guess he didn't understand what I said. He then said that they had run out of Arabian Heights, and I took plain old cold coffee. He switched to English after that... So did he judge me based on cover? Appearances were deceptive, and so do clothes really maketh man?


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