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Favourite Sitcoms

Baba Gyani Triviani believes in:

"A smile is the only curve that sets a lot of things straight"

Everyone watches sitcoms - of some kind or the other. Personally, I love jokes which involve wit and sarcasm and I hate jokes that have slapstick and goofy behaviour. And among sitcoms, I love the shows that have characters that grow on you - The characters become like people who are around you, and you feel the pain when there is a break-up and joy when they make up, all the while making you laugh... So, the following are my favourite sitcoms in no particular order.

My Top 10 Sitcoms

1) Friends

Most of you would have guessed this as the number one show - Friends is my favourite show and needs no introduction. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross - These six characters have the largest fan-base without any doubt. Spanning across 10 seasons, you will feel these characters around you - and associate several parts of your life with scenes from the show. Therefore, this is ranked number one, and the remaining shows are in no particular order :-) Every character is equally important in the show and Friends is always considered the ultimate show ever! I have no words to describe this...

P.S - If you have not watched Friends, watch it now. After watching it, if you are not impressed, please do let me know. Every single person who has watched Friends has become a fanatic. Incidentally, people keep comparing their friends to characters from Friends

2) Two and a Half Men

A brilliant series involving Charlie, Alan and Jake along with a host of side characters, Two and a Half men is about a rich jingle writing womaniser (Charlie) who loves to drink, gamble and have sex. He owns a beach house at Malibu, a Mercedes and a very resilient liver. His brother, Alan gets kicked out by his wife and ends up living with Charlie as a mooch. Jake, Alan's son who is cute in the beginning, becomes an annoying teenager who loves to eat and poop in no particular order and is a person with an IQ lower than a monkey. Alan and Charlie's much married mother, Evelyn is worse than Satan (but a delightful character in the show). And there is Bertha the housekeeper and Rose, Charlie's stalker... A fantastic show that grows on you with time.

3) Seinfeld

The show about nothing - The beauty of Seinfeld is that the characters are so annoying, you will love to hate them. While Friends will make you pray that you had friends like Friends, Seinfeld is the complete opposite. Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine and Kramer are the lead characters of this show. While George is a short, balding miserly loser who keeps getting into the weirdest of situations, Kramer is the most unconventional character you can come across. Seinfeld, a stickler for cleanliness who is a stand-up comedian has these two as his friends along with ex girl friend, Elaine, intelligent, gorgeous and loose. Seinfeld has a fantastic theme - Nothing! That's right, each episode is made around nothing in particular, and yet, is brilliantly weaved that one person's individual thread will end up messing another person's life... It's a comedy show of an entirely different genre - While some hate it, many including me simply love it.

4) Big Bang Theory

While I particularly don't rate BBT very highly, it seems to be quite popular. A story that revolves around four nerds and a very pretty girl, BBT is not particularly funny. But it will definitely put a smile on your face. The characters are very interesting - Sheldon Cooper is the most popular character and is the only character mentioned when someone talks about BBT (apart from the gorgeous Penny - the pretty girl). The other three nerds includes an Indian who cannot talk in front of a girl unless he is drunk (which will make him a casanova), a perverted Jewish guy and a seemingly normal guy. These nerds love to play video games and know a lot about comic books. Penny, on the other hand, is an average American. And the show goes on, involving complex jargon for simple phrases, twists in romance and Sheldon's unique style, BBT is a good show to watch if you don't have anything else to do.

5) Simpsons

The longest running cartoon series, I believe... Simpsons is a really funny show, again, of an entirely different genre. The beauty of Simpsons is not just with the comedy involved, but also things that range from weird things happening in the background, or rather completely unexpected things happening. Simpsons is a tale about the Simpsons family - Homer Simpson, balding bungling clumsy moron who loves doughnuts and beer, and yeah, his family, his wife Marge with funny blue hair that can hold a lot of things in it (Like Uncle Fester's shirt and cousin It from Addams Family), the maniac son Bart (best way to describe him is an anagram of his name), daughter Lisa who is intelligent and seems normal, but has her own quirks, and baby daughter Maggie who does nothing more than suckle on her pacifier. And a host of characters from the town of Springfield - Everyone is yellow in Simpsons :P But hell, it is one of the best shows you can watch...

Other notable animated sitcoms are South Park and Family Guy

6) How I met your mother

A show involving the lead character telling his kids how he met their mother... essentially the whole show is a flash back in concept. A very nice show involving Ted, a very good looking man who is the lead character, Robin, an extremely beautiful Canadian woman (who everyone has fallen in love with), Barney Stinson, the man with the bro-code (Google search this) and Marshall and Lily, friend who eventually get married. HIMYM is the popular acronym for this, and is very popular among people who watch it. Quite a lot of them, however, start getting bored with the series saying that it is monotonous.

7) My Wife And Kids

A very nice series, My Wife And Kids is a family comedy show. A very pleasant show indeed, and is reminiscent of series like Full House. My Wife And Kids is about Michael, a handsome bald man and his family - wife, one idiot son and two daughters. A very cute show, it doesn't have any words that is not 'child unsafe.' And yeah, like many shows of this genre, there are many morals and lessons that are taught, such as importance of family, understanding, trust, relationships, anger etc.

8) That '70s Show

A show about a bunch of teenagers based in the '70s, with an annoying old man and his wife, their son and his girl friend and other friends... That '70s show is one of those shows that are better watched than described. You will mostly like the show...

9) Scrubs

Scrubs is a very funny show liked by a lot of people - Again, another show that is unconventional according to me. One of those shows that is better watched than described. The show mainly revolves around a bunch of medical interns, with romance and weird patients... not to mention wacky doctors. It's a really funny show to watch (and equally scary to imagine such people in hospitals).

10) Miscellaneous

Apart from the list above, I have some random shows that you will like - Cheers, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Everybody Loves Raymond, Just Shoot Me, Coupling and The Office.

Most of these shows used to or still come on Star World and Zee Cafe.

Results of poll taken on this blog

Like a sitcom that is missing from this list? Leave a comment and have the rest of us catch up on them

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Comment moderation - To hell with going to hell

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"If I am going to hell, my blog is coming with me"

Several friends of mine who have read my blog asked me to disable comment moderation. Well, for two reasons - One, they find it annoying for having had to wait to see it get posted, because in cases of debates and discussions, it slows it up to the time when I come online and approve it, and in the meanwhile, other people who could have probably replied to that, won't be able to, because they may not come to read the comments again later and there is an opportunity lost. The second one is errrrr.... in case I die. No no, I am not just saying it. This was something that was told to me.

Well, so why don't I have comment moderation turned on? Long long ago, I had written a blog entry that was a rather interesting one. Let me summarise it for you. There was apparently a man called Michael Thevar, who had gone through a lot of trouble in his childhood days, being born a Dalit. (Dalit Christian I suppose) He used to walk a lot, barefoot, to study, and he knew the difficulties of poverty. Years later, Michael became successful, and he didn't want people to suffer like him. So, he started giving jobs to poor Dalit people only. This article came on Times Of India. So, I wrote a mail to the editor of TOI, asking them if it was fair on the part of such a famous newspaper to recklessly praise a person who is giving jobs to poor Dalit people instead of poor people. As usual, TOI didn't bother replying to me.

So, I did what was in my power - I blogged. I wrote an article, with questions asking if it was right on his part to increase the division by supporting one group and not another. The reason is that a person who is poor, is poor despite his caste. Giving jobs to poor people should have been the focus, and giving jobs to poor people based on caste, doesn't seem fair. Then, all was forgotten.

Some time later, I received a mail from Mr. Michael Thevar himself - Well, he said that he was considering legal action against me. Now, this was interesting. I asked him why? He said because of the comments in my blog. I was surprised. What comments? I went to that post, and saw two anonymous comments that were strongly criticising him, accusing him of doing underhanded things. This was news to me. While my post strictly restricted to improper division of jobs based on caste, I said nothing against him at a personal level (How could I? I don't even know him personally)

So, I wrote back to Mr. Thevar apologising to him for the comments (my fault? We shall see) and deleted the comments. I immediately turned on Comment Moderation and started scanning through every post. I also wrote back to Michael saying that the comments were deleted, but that I still stood firmly by the idea behind the post; that caste based jobs is something that I am strongly against. Michael sent back a mail thanking me for being a responsible blogger and assured me that he gives jobs to poor people irrespective of caste. And then, I had to delete the post because if that was a fact, there is no point in me attacking Mr. Thevar... I have no means of verifying facts, but I simply believed him.

Now, this brings us to some very important points.
It shows that even a random guy like me writing random things on my blog, gets picked up by other people. And, I got a response for my query. Michael himself answered my question. This shows the power of blogging and media (even you can do be heard, even if a media biggie like TOI doesn't support you)

Secondly, it shows you the ill effects of not having your blog moderated. This can be easily taken as some kind of character assassination.

Thirdly, if you think you can dismiss this saying pish-tosh wait till you read that article where a Keralite blogger was sued by the Shiv Sena youth wing for writing something against Shiv Sena. And the Shiv Sena won the court case - that's right! Legally... For not moderating comments.

So, my advice to all you guys out there blogging - Be a responsible blogger. Writing disclaimers is not going to protect you legally (Keralite blogger tried that). Saying "Freedom of expression" is not going to help you either (Keralite blogger tried that as well). You are responsible for all the content on your blog.

Comments from Facebook

Sangamesh Mise: Ur take on comment moderation on fb..?

Nikhil Baliga: Facebook in a way is really a close knit society as only people you know more or less are allowed to comment... with good privacy settings, you are relatively safer. Plus you have notifications. So, it is better

Sangamesh Mise: So u'r willing to shoulder the responsibility of what the peopl in dis supposedly closed knit group comment..?
It was u who highlighted only a few days ago, that frens on fb only means they r frens with some of ur essence they r frens of due course, u'l hav peopl who r frens of frens of frens of frens upto n times..wil u stil take d responsibilty.. On the other hand peopl who read ur blogs r those who hav been drawn towards ur blog by a certain intellectual need.. I feel blog readers are more responsibl with their comments than people on fb..

Nikhil Baliga: Few days back? You mean the social experiment thing? :P Ok, good point there - I am saying that people on facebook are not anonymous. Instead, they have a unique identity as their profile is like their virtual presence on the net. Banning a guy once is banning him for good. On a blog, he can comment n times as anonymous unless you prevent anonymous comments.

Things that happen on facebook, no matter what comment on which thread, are notified to you immediately. A blog without moderation means, a comment update in some age old post simply goes unnoticed without moderation.

With facebook, a person cannot comment unless you let him do that - You can do that with a blog, but you will restrict viewership to a closed group, which is not much of a blog, unless you are some exclusive club. Facebook offers way higher control on things that can be posted with privacy settings. So, unless the nth guy becomes your friend, he cannot post, unless my privacy settings are like that...

Regarding blog readers being more responsible, I will say "No comments" :P I have seen all kinds of comments everywhere, so I think they are all the same.

Monday, 27 December 2010

The Browser Wars

Swami Nikhilaananda said:

"The browser is touted to replace the entire desktop. I disagree"

Google's Chrome OS says that we can live in the browser in the future. Since most people spend a lot of time on the internet, Google believes that that is where the future is headed. A browser is no doubt one of the most popular applications run these days - With internet becoming cheaper and more people coming on social networking sites, the browser is the next big thing. So, which browser is the best browser?

A quick chart

Click on the image to enlarge

The chart on the left shows you a quick breakdown of different browsers and its market share. While the number of people polled here is very small, it definitely represents a random population.

The chart also shows the break-up of operating systems. This chart is taken from this blog's visitor statistics.

Which browser do you use?

See results of poll taken at the bottom of this post

Internet Explorer

The browser that most people love to hate, Internet Explorer (IE), many believe, continues to be the most widely used browser in the world. The main reason is that it is the default browser on Windows, the most popular operating system in the world, and the non-geeky people are not aware of other browsers at times. In fact, IE is considered as the de facto browser by some people that their websites insist on using IE, and I won't be able to proceed if I am on Linux (without IE). Some sites are specially designed to suit IE. While older versions were not good at all, the revamped IE 9 is supposed to be near perfect.

Mozilla Firefox

The browser that challenged IE's dominance and dethroned it successfully, Firefox (FF) is the most popular browser. Many people consider IE to be the Firefox downloading tool, and FF is the default browser in Linux as well. Firefox, while considered to be extremely stable and robust, has thousands of extensions being developed - Being an open source browser, FF rarely crashes and is considered to be extremely secure as well. I recommend FF as the best browser out there currently due to all these factors, plus the fact that there are no problems running any site (standards compliant) except those specifically designed for IE.


Opera, considered to be the most innovative browser, is for some strange reason, not as popular as the rest. In fact, if you look at the track record of Opera, they come up with new features way before rest of them (read IE and FF) and yet, Opera doesn't seem to have as many takers as it deserves. Opera provides a sleek interface with a lot of built-in features, including mail client, IRC client and so on. Of course, one of the main problems that I have seen in Opera is that pages don't seem to get rendered properly in it quite often, which can get annoying. Also, some websites say that they don't recognise the browser properly. All in all, Opera is an amazing browser that you should use to browse if you want to browse through several pages and keep them organised.

Did you know?

Opera allows you to organise tabs within tabs, and you can see mini previews of tabs to see if they are done loading. (Read more features of Opera here)

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is supposed to be the browser of the next generation. Frankly, Chrome is a Frankenstein, that is a mixture of various browsers. Well, so what? Chrome IS the fastest browser out there. With its popular minimalist interface, Chrome has several great features - Primarily speed, and secondly, the blessing of Google - the most innovative company in the world. With the Google Web App Store, Chrome seems to be getting more apps than even the popular Firefox. The web app store is geared towards making of Chrome OS (What's Chrome OS? Read about it here) While all these are advantages, Chrome has several disadvantages as well. Secure transactions, such as those involving credit cards seem to fail quite often, and the browser is known to slow down greatly when the number of tabs that are open increase. It is known to hog resources as well. Nevertheless, Chrome is a good browser.


Apart from Mac users, I don't know of many other users who use Safari - Safari is a good browser, and I frankly didn't find anything spectacular about it that deserves mention over here. Chrome apparently uses part of code used in Safari, so that would make Safari a proud parent. But that's it. It's a good stable browser and that's where I will stop.

My recommendations

If I were to give you a tip on which browser to use, I would say

  1. Firefox - For being the best browser
  2. Opera - For being the most innovative browser
  3. Chrome - For being the fastest and for having a good app store
  4. IE - For being the most supported browser (by Web-masters)
  5. Safari - Just to keep it in the game (Mac and iPhone/iPod users will use this)

So, which browser do you use?

A poll was taken on this blog for five days. Some readers voted and this is how the split up is. The popularity is as expected.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

How to draw the perfect heart

Baba Gyani Triviani said:
"Here is a tip for all you love birds who suck at drawing hearts but have drawn hearts"

Here is a trick that will help a lot of you who want to draw a perfect heart but don't know how. The idea dawned upon me quite a long time ago, but was put into practice in my first year of engineering. One of my friends wanted to ask a girl out, and he wanted to do something, well, errr fancy... Not conventional. So, he wanted to cut out a perfect heart on sheet metal (That's a metal sheet for non-mech people) and paint it red, put a ribbon on it along and gift it to his sweetheart.

But his problem was - How to draw the heart? He asked me to help him out. Well, playing cupid is not exactly my forte (and for those who didn't know, I also play Agony Uncle..... for a nominal fee of course :P) but I had this idea of drawing the heart.

P.S. - Yes, he did use this technique successfully, and the girl loved it!! :-)

So, how exactly did I stumble across this technique?
Long ago, I had this puzzle that all of you would have played - To draw this symbol below without lifting your pen. Try doing it, it is impossible (According to some graph theory or something)

So, while playing this game, I was trying out various possibilities, and found that by eliminating some lines from this figure, what is left out, is a perfect heart.

How to draw the heart in simple steps for dummies
  • Draw a square of desirable length
  • Take a compass and measure a radius that is half the length of the square
  • Keep the tip of the compass in the exact middle of one of the sides of a square and draw an arc such that it touches the two ends of that line
  • Keep the tip of the compass in the middle of an adjacent side, and repeat the above mentioned process
  • Erase all unwanted lines and cut/colour it to suit your needs

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Munjaane manjalli...

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Brrrr.... it's so freezing cold, now I know why Bangalore used to be oh-so-awesome"

Bangalore used to be a very very cold place till warming (Global/Local - depends on the type of programmer you are) started. In the past few days, weather in Bangalore is changing so fast that I feel it is more of a trailer than the actual show. One day it rains, one day it's so freaking cold that I can barely feel things I touch (And I was beginning to think it was leprosy) and the very next day is gloomy and next day is bright and sunny. In fact, yesterday was very hot and today morning, there was mist everywhere. Here are four photos that I have to share - Mind you, it's taken around 8:45 AM. It was much higher in the morning... Apparently around 5:00 AM, it had a reddish-orange tinge that made it seem like Martian atmosphere :P

(Click on the images to enlarge)

Taken from the seventh floor - Nothing seems to be visible beyond the metallic railing

That's a 10 storey building that you can barely make out

Feels like Ooty

The 10 storey building is barely seen from here

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Install Android Apps on SD card

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Some times things that seem perfect may not be really perfect... But there will be workarounds"

I was happy with the great number of apps that Android has to offer and went on an installing spree (Click here if you are looking for great Android apps). And then, I got a warning saying that my phone was reaching the limit of its internal phone memory. Well, my phone Samsung Galaxy 3 (Read review here) is not a high end one, but is a great phone nonetheless. So, the internal memory is not huge - But I have an SD Card (memory card) and should have been able to utilise all that space. But unfortunately, there didn't seem any straightforward way of doing it. Also, unlike iPhone/iPod, where I can connect the device to my computer and move apps in and out, I didn't see such a feature in Android

How to do it?
Well, there are a couple of workarounds for it.

Astro File Manager
Astro File Manager is a great app that you can use to Backup and Restore Apps. There is an option to do this. Just download this app, and go the Tools menu from the options. There you can choose an option to Backup and you can also choose which apps to back up. It will move them to you SD card. Now, you can pull them in and out using your phone as a Mass Storage device.

How to install apps to SD card

First you have to root your phone. To learn to root your phone, read this post if you have not done it already.

Next, download and install an app called 'Move2SD Enabler'. Run it, accept the agreement and choose the External option. It's straightforward and appropriate help is there - nothing to worry about.

Thereafter, everytime you install an app, you can just go to Manage Applications in the Settings, and choose the app that you want to move to your SD card. Since you had selected the External option, the app should have gone to the memory card by default. But some times, that doesn't happen. Then you can just select the option "Move to SD Card" in the Manage Applications screen and you are done. You can move it back to phone too, if you want to do it... That's it!

Just an extra note - there are some apps that work only if they are in phone memory. Till now, 3G WatchDog is the only such app that I have come across - it's a great app if you need someone to keep track of the amount of Data network usage.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

15 Android apps for your phone

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Chrome OS may not become a success, but Android will rule"

If you own an Android phone, and are looking for some good apps, below are 15 apps that I use. I personally love them, and use them a lot - They are not arranged in any specific order. See if you like them too. If you feel there are some other apps that are great and are not on this list, leave a comment.

Looking for a phone?
If you are looking for a low cost Android phone with amazing features, click here to see a review of Samsung Galaxy 3.

Running out of space on your Android phone?
After installing many apps, you may run out of space on your Android phone. Now what? Should you start uninstalling apps? Check a solution out.

Looking for a great game on iPod?
If you are looking for a great game for you iPod/iPhone, check out a review of one the games here.

15 Android Apps

1. Google Navigation
One of the most useful tools, this may come pre-installed in your phone. Very useful when coupled with GPS, it tells you your current location, the path and if you are on the path or not and gets updated in real time. Never get lost again

2. Application Protection (ruimaninfo)
One thing that annoys me a lot is when people just come along to see your phone "Hey, nice phone!" and then go open the SMS inbox. I don't know why people actually do that. But it annoys me a lot. If you are like me, Application Protection is a great tool which does what the name says. Password protect your apps, including message inbox, etc. and stay relaxed.

3. Angry Birds
Again, an app that is the exact same as that of the iPod, Angry Birds has perhaps been the most popular game on iPod. It's a great game and you will have an eternal smile when you play it. The green pigs have stolen eggs from the birds' nests, and the birds want revenge. There are different types of birds with special abilities and the pigs are well protected with very imaginative fortresses having shapes of cars, houses, aircrafts etc. The birds have to be catapulted to destroy the pigs... And if you fail, the pigs will grunt and laugh and bug you to no end. It's been my favourite game for a really long time

4. Word Drop
A really interesting word game, that's a mix of Boggle (Scramble in iPod) and Scrabble. Plus, there are some additional ways of scoring high points. Overall, a great game if you like word games.

5. Nesoid Lite
Do you miss playing Super Mario and Super Contra? The ones that you used to play on your TV Video game console? If yes, then this is the app for you. Nesoid Lite allows you to play all those 8-bit games that you once used to love! And how do you do it? Learn it here.

6. zxing - Zebra Crossing Bar Code Scanner
The zxing bar code scanner is a great tool that can be used to read QR Code and bar codes. Simple application, but works really well. You can launch the browser and do some other things with them - Bar code scanner is useful when a web site has provided you with a QR code to download an app - Just scan it and you are done. What does a QR code look like?

7. Shazam
Very often, when in a restaurant or mall, we hear some song that we like or seems very familiar, but we don't know the name and we have nobody around us to ask the name. Fret not, flip out your phone and launch Shazam - The application listens to the song and looks up its database and gives you details about the song.

8. Advanced Task Killer (ReChild)
Many times, we close applications, or so we think. But it may be running in the background. This could result in slowing down of your phone or reduced battery life. There are several task killers and managers available, but I liked the interface of this one. It's simple and straightforward. Use it to see all running applications and kill them - in one shot. It even kills itself :-) Thoughtful, no?

9. Battery Monitor (Digital Scalability Inc)
How long will your phone run? A very intelligent app that knows how you use your phone, when your phone was last recharged, etc. and tells you how many hours are left till your phone runs out of charge. There are some other features that may be useful for an advanced user.

10. Skype
The famous Skype is also on your mobile - You already know what Skype is. I like Skype on my phone because I won't be restricted to sitting next to my computer if I am on a call - I can talk like I am talking to someone over the phone.

11. Taskos
A simple tool - But very useful if you are forgetful. It is a simple To-Do list, and does nothing more than that. You can keep a list of things to be done, tick them off as you are done with them and they disappear from the active list. You can later review what you have done, remove them permanently and so on. Fairly simple to use, but very useful.

12. eBuddy
Do you chat with your friends across Google Talk, Facebook, Yahoo etc. and hate switching windows? eBuddy is a good tool that allows you to chat with people across protocols on the same client. You can sign into multiple accounts and see all your friends in one place.
(Do you think it is hard to chat on a phone? With Samsung's Swype, it's amazing - If you are looking to buy a great Android phone for a low cost, see here)

13. Opera
Some consider Opera to be the most innovative browser in the world - It definitely is, although not many people use it on their computers. However, it rules the mobile world - Opera is available on both Android and iPod/iPhones. It is a great browser and is very fast and easy to use with excellent features. You can read about it from their website. You will see the QR Code and you can use the zxing bar code scanner mentioned above to download it.

14. Talking Tom
One of the most popular apps, people simply love it! Talking Tom is a tom cat who comes alive on your screen. Say whatever you want, and Talking Tom will repeat it in a cat's voice. What's the big deal you say? Check it out, and you will see what I mean... It's amazing, and very soon, you will see a lot of people coming and saying nonsensical phrases into your phone and laugh in glee (along with you of course) when he repeats it with his super cute style. Apart from this, Talking Tom also does some really cool stuff when you ask him to scratch your screen, drink milk or when you stroke him, touch his tail, punch him in the face or stomach or step on his toes.

15. Aldiko Book reader
A great book reader with many books to download. I simply love this reader. They have a very good collection of books including classics. A great way to pass time if you love to read and have time to kill while travelling.

Extended List - Contributed by others

The following App list is contributed by - Sanju
16. Ag Indian Newspapers
A great place to catch up on the latest news and it includes sources like The Times Of India, Manorama, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Rediff and a lot more

17. Google Sky Map
Point your phone at the sky, and Google Sky Map will show the stars, planets, constellations, and more to help you identify the celestial objects in view. You can also browse the skies in manual mode. Link

18. Ringdroid
Open an existing audio file, View a scrollable waveform representation of the audio file at 5 zoom levels, Set starting and ending points for a clip within the audio file, using an optional touch interface, Play the selected portion of the audio, including an indicator cursor and autoscrolling of the waveform, Play anywhere else by tapping the screen. Save the clipped audio as a new audio file and mark it as Music, Ringtone, Alarm, or Notification. And a whole lot more.

19. Astro File Manager (Metago)
The Astro File Manager helps you get the most out of your Android smart phone. Manage all files on your SD card (copy, move, rename), manage multiple files and directories at once, backup applications, manage running applications, send files as attachments, view thumbnails and images, browse and create compressed files like Zip and Tar and much more

20. My Tracks
My Tracks is an application for your Android phone that enables you to record GPS tracks and view live statistics – such as time, speed, distance, and elevation – while hiking, biking, running or participating in other outdoor activities. Once recorded, you can share your tracks, upload them to Google Spreadsheets and visualize them on Google My Maps.

21. Alarm Clock pro v2
Alarm Clock Pro turns your android into a beautiful digital clock with gorgeous themes and an alarm clock that sings your favorite tunes. There is even a built-in flashlight to light up the darkness!

22. RockPlayer (Holly Lee)
RockPlayer can support audio and video container format: avi mkv rmvb mp4 mov wmv asf wma wav mpg ts mpa dvd au mp3 mid ivf aiff ogm ogg cda flic d2v aac roq flac drc dsm swf pls pmp.Audio and video encoding format AAC AC3 DTS FLV4 LPCM ALAW ULAW MPEG Audio MPEG-1 MPEG-2 RealVideo RealAideo Vorbis AVC VC1 XVID DIVX SVQ Theora Bink Theora Bink basically includes all popular multimedia formats.

23. Password Keeper (Seto Chi Lap)
A very simple app to help save your user IDs and passwords in everyday life. Just remember one master password to protect all your important info.

24. AK Notepad
AK Notepad Android App allows you to keep your mobile life organized. Quickly jot notes with a bunch of features such as sharing via SMS text or email, window shade and LED notifications, Export to text file on the SD Card, or Stick-It (creates a shortcut to your note on the desktop).

25. Acar
Track the maintenance, fill up, fuel mileage & expenses of your car along with your trips. Service reminders (e.g. Engine Oil) & useful statistics, charts & reports; backup/restore & export/import to/from various sources.

26. Wave Secure (McAfee)
McAfee WaveSecure is a complete mobile security service that lets users protect data, ensure privacy in the event of theft and enhances the possibility of recovering the phone.

Love an app that is missing?
Leave a comment and I will add it to this list along with credits.

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Crowd-Sourcing as a solution for traffic problems

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"It's simpler to tackle problems with divide and conquer - Crowd Sourcing is the next big thing"

When a very large problem has to be solved, and I mean one that involves a very large number of people, it is often simpler to use the people themselves to solve the problem. While this can have a very wide range of scope, let me limit myself to a simple problem that we see everyday... Traffic.

Everyday, while commuting, we see scores of people breaking traffic rules - Some times, we ourselves do it, but for the sake of simplicity, let us assume that everyone around us are rule breakers while we are law abiding citizens.

It is physically impossible for traffic policemen to be everywhere or to catch everyone. Putting up video cameras is a possible solution, but needs expenditure, approval etc.

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous - From rich businessmen through professionals, from auto rickshaw drivers to vegetable vendors and maids, everyone has one, at least a basic model. Now, a very large number of people have mobile phones with cameras of some kind - Be it 8 mega pixel or a simple VGA one.

Now, imagine a situation where you are walking on the road, and you see that someone has parked a car right next to a No Parking board - We have seen this very often. Take a photo of this, and send it by email or upload it to a site maintained by the police, of course, such that you capture the vehicle number and the violation... (or you can also take a small video if it is not possible to catch it in one shot.)

The police now have adequate proof to fine these people - A part of the fine is given to the people who submit it as a reward.

We can catch violations which include, but are not limited to, riding on pavement, jumping signal, parking violations, driving on wrong side of the road, etc.

Some rules
  • Two or more people may take photos of same violations - So, money can be shared among them
  • People who submit these photos can provide some metadata while submitting, along with locations, etc. This way, sorting, etc. can become easier.
  • Privacy needs to be maintained so that violators cannot trace submitters

  • Citizens are happy because they get rewarded
  • Police are happy because their cash registers will be "ka-chhiinngg" everyday
  • Money is saved in terms of putting up cameras, etc.
  • Violations will decrease
  • Photoshoppers
  • Fights among citizens if someone sees them getting caught

What are your opinions? Do you see problems in this system? I believe crowd-sourcing is a pretty interesting approach to solve this issue

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Playing old TV Games on computer and phone

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Ah yes, the good old days"

When I was young, I used to love playing games like Super Mario and Super Contra.... and an endless array of games of that type - Come on, you all know that type. They used to be ubiquitous till the computer came along with its MS DOS games like Prince of Persia and Bouncing Babies. Anyway, if you played those games before and miss playing them, below is a way of reliving those good old days.

Steps to play TV Video Games on your computer

This is basically what runs your game. Here is a link from where you can download the emulator. This is just one that I found and used and it worked great. There might be others too. If you find something that is much better than this one, please leave it as a comment. I will add it to a list.

If you have an Android based phone (touch based esp), you can download an app like Nesoid Lite. It is my personal opinion that you can play such games and enjoy them more on your phone than on your computer.

We used to insert cartridges and play games. Now, you can do something similar - Download them and open the files with the emulator above. Here is a link to do that. You can perhaps find others too. If you do, please leave some links in the comments. I will add it to a list.

If you are doing this one the phone, copy the game to your memory card.

Note: Download the ones under NES - The emulators that I have specified here are the ones that can play NES ROMs.

3) Third, Play the games and have fun
It's straightforward - Just open the game files with the emulator and play :-)




Nesoid Lite
Here is the direct download link for Nesoid Lite. Open your bar-code scanner in your phone and scan this.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Clothes maketh man or appearances are deceptive?

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"I always feel that these two quotes are contradictory - 'Appearances are often deceptive' and 'Clothes maketh man"

Today I walked into Cafe Coffee Day wearing shorts and an old T shirt, with long unkempt hair. I wanted to take some cold coffee home. So, I directly walked up to the billing counter and said - "Three Arabian Heights"... The waiter had been looking skeptically at me all along. He said "Ehhh?". That moment was so irritating. I could have sworn he thought I would come to him and say "Anna, please spare some change for me" :P I got irritated and got a smouldering look on my face. I demanded for the menu card in Kannada... Then another waiter who was standing next to him mumbled something. I guess he didn't understand what I said. He then said that they had run out of Arabian Heights, and I took plain old cold coffee. He switched to English after that... So did he judge me based on cover? Appearances were deceptive, and so do clothes really maketh man?


Swami Gulagulaananda wondered:
"How many other things are we missing as we rushthrough life?"

In Washington DC, at a Metro Station, on a cold January morning in 2007, this man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time, approximately 2,000 people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After about 3 minutes, a middle-aged man noticed that there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds, and then he hurried on to meet his schedule.

About 4 minutes later:
The violinist received his first dollar. A woman threw money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk.

At 6 minutes:
A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again.

At 10 minutes:
A 3-year old boy stopped, but his mother tugged him along hurriedly. The kid stopped to look at the violinist again, but the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head the whole time. This action was repeated by several other children, but every parent - without exception - forced their children to move on quickly.

At 45 minutes:
The musician played continuously. Only 6 people stopped and listened for a short while. About 20 gave money but continued to walk at their normal pace. The man collected a total of $32.

After 1 hour:
He finished playing and silence took over. No one noticed and no one applauded. There was no recognition at all.

No one knew this, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written, with a Stradivarius violin worth $3.5 million dollars. Two days before, Joshua Bell sold-out a theater in Boston where the seats averaged $100 each to sit and listen to him play the same music.

This is a true story. Joshua Bell, playing incognito in the DC Metro Station, was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and people's priorities.

This experiment raised several questions:
*In a common-place environment, at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty?
*If so, do we stop to appreciate it?
*Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context?

One possible conclusion reached from this experiment could be this:

If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments ever made . . .

How many other things are we missing as we rushthrough life?

This was a beautiful mail that I received and thought that it is worth sharing with everyone

Comments from Facebook

Hemanth Pai: ok , lets deconstruct this :

1. Most people were on the way to work and may have had to travel. so they had 2 choices, either miss work and listen to him / get to work on time .
2. If 2000 ppl stop and listen to him , will it no screw up the order in the subway system .. i mean its a potential hazard :)
3. Assuming he made 50$ over 1 hr , its not so bad . In a 10 hr workday , he makes almost 500 $ and almost 200,000$ / year which is like awesome money .
4. Just a 3.5 M $ violin and bach does not force people to instantly recognise him as the next mozart / beethoven / tchaikovsky .. for that he has to come up through recognition from his peer group.

Hemanth Pai: ‎5. Children stopped coz they dont have the mundane task of gathering , hoarding and what not .. + they would have stopped even if u had a stuffed teddy in place of the violinist .

My final thought is .. he should repeat the same experiment in a Park / a more relaxed atmosphere and see the effect of the same . People will really enjoy the same.

The experiment u posted is like , u know , knowing a guy is driving a car without brakes and then , standing in front of the car ... and asking why he was so cruel and ran u over :P . Just my 2 cents

Nikhil Baliga: I fully agree with you Hemanth. :-)

Perception nevertheless does play a great role (May not be properly illustrated in this story). There was one where a well dressed guy came and asked the valet in a nice restaurant for keys to a car, and the valet gave it to him. Turns out, it was not his car and he stole. The valet had no reason not to trust him as he went by appearance (often deceptive :P)

I wonder why they say clothes maketh man and also say appearances are often deceptive

Lakshman Gs: This happens because our mindsets are programmed in such a way. At such a situation we would be in a state of tension to reach the platform on time or to catch a train so that we would not be late to office. At these instances a person will be at a state of confusion where he would be asking himself whether he would be reaching his office on time or not.

There is another possibility that incase somebody would have exclaimed that it was joshua bell then things would have been pretty different.....
Now this was an instance which i faced in mysore recently. I had to board a train with my friend to bangalore at 2.30PM . The platform was big time crowded. Since the journey is 3 hours we thought we would buy a magazine and hence we went near a stall which sold magazines . There i saw a tall man who was dressed in blue jeans and a white tee shirt.Since he was blocking the way i asked him to move and gently pushed him n asked the price of the book to the shopkeeper after that i saw the man who was standing beside me and he was none other than Javagal srinath. Immedietly i exclaimed " Macha Srinath kano" . The moment i said that it gathered everybodys attention...every body started rushing in to meet the cricketer ....Wat i would like to conclude is we do recognize talents at an inappropriate time provided somebody picturizes of advertises about the same.

Friday, 10 December 2010

What the heck is a Web OS anyway? Big deal!

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Pfffttt... all this hype about Web OS makes me wonder"

With the recent release of the Google Chrome OS, a web operating system, the whole world is geared up to see if there will be a paradigm shift in technology, in the way we use our computers and operating systems, and so on.

So, what's a web OS anyway?
If you use a desktop or a laptop, you make some changes in some files on your system. Then, the changes are only on your system. The files are saved on your system. A web OS however, stores your files on some thing known as a cloud, basically a central repository, and therefore becomes device independent - You will be able to access these files from anywhere.

That sounds cool, doesn't it?
It definitely does sound cool, but frankly it is not. Why you ask? Let me give you a simple example. In my company, we work on something known as a VM - A virtual machine basically. The actual system is centrally housed in the United States. I go to office, connect my laptop to the network, use Windows Remote Desktop tool and connect to the system in the US. I complete some work, close the session, shut down my laptop, and come back home. Once I reach home, I turn on my laptop, turn on the VPN, complete the connection and use Windows Remote Desktop connection to resume my work - The desktop of the Denver system again opens exactly in the same state as what it was in... Same as a cloud, don't you think?

We have always been using the cloud growled Larry...
Larry Ellison of Oracle has always said that cloud always existed and doesn't understand what the hype and hubbub is about. Frankly, nor do I. The Chrome OS is not going to be as revolutionary as it is made to sound. Yes, there a large number of great applications to use - But, I can do the same with Windows as well, just like what I told you about previously. Yes, there are some differences with the existing Remote Desktop and this one, in the sense that there will be a break in continuity the moment network goes off, whereas in Chrome OS, you can continue to work and the sync will happen when network resumes.

Hey, what about collaboration and simultaneous working?
Sure! But these things can be done with conventional operating systems using Chrome and its applications, or even with other browsers.

Chrome OS will definitely not result in a paradigm shift - Linux has a far far greater chance of dethroning Microsoft because it has a greater deal of power and is on the same lines as that of Windows. A web OS is for people, exactly as Google claims, who spend time on the web, sending emails, chatting, updating messages on facebook and blogging. And this will not replace everyone's systems - Sure, it will result in an add-on to the existing operating system, but nothing as revolutionary as claimed.

Artistick makes a joke on Chrome OS
Click on the image to enlarge it

Read more Artistick comics here

Do you want to try one out?

Comments from Facebook

Ramesh Radhakrishna: paradigm shift and all other terminologies are management crap man ... But of course it is for the first time that a common man can get to use this on a full scale ... (Like Microsoft OS .. OS was always there ... cheap and common man usable OS made it huge !!) :-P

Sandesh Kainthaje: But whatever it is, we need to know that this is the future of all OSs. Everything will be web based eventually

Ramesh Radhakrishna: ‎@Sandesh:: What ?? Why do u say so ??

Sandesh Kainthaje: Thats how it is...Cloud is the future...The concept of software as a product is gone now....The new concept is software as a service...

Ramesh Radhakrishna: dude ... many such predictions bombed !!! It is going to gain attention .. I don't think it is going to wipe out everything ... Software as a service existed since mid 1990s ..

Sandesh Kainthaje: But google didn't....Because of them other have to move on now if they have to stay in market. Could ever think that Microsoft would move its cash cow office to cloud? Situation demands

Nikhil Baliga: No, I disagree. The cloud will bomb for sure - Many times, Google is hyped. They said wave was supposed to revolutionise the way we think about email and IM. Nothing happened, we are still writing same emails and using same IM. Instead wave disappeared. Similar to various other Google products that have come and gone.

Besides, Microsoft is anyway right behind Google with respect to the cloud - They don't want to act before Google because that way, they will be jeopardising themselves. Office on the web is out, and is better than Docs in that it can integrate with offline Office. Apparently, MS has a lot of web apps ready. They are also working on Azure. These are plan B for MS, but I am sure it will never reach that stage. Linux on the other hand is powerful and has the edge.

Sandesh Kainthaje: Yes Wave was hype, Gdocs was hype....I do agree that, with current technology, cloud can't be famous. But could is the future if anyone were to see 10-15 years a head.

Sandesh Kainthaje: BTW Google was not hype :P They have done a good job....

Nikhil Baliga: ‎10 - 15 Years? Dude, by then playing fields would have changed a lot. Chrome OS might be dead because devices might all become touch based (or gesture based, going by Intel's ad) I have a feeling Android will become the next OS because it is geared towards such devices (like Samsung's tablet)

Yeah, Google's search is good, but they should seriously start developing products more seriously first rather than hyping and releasing it based on invitations and only within the US

Ramesh Radhakrishna: not trying to be cynical ... But ... I agree with nikhil that so many of google's products are over-hyped ...

Chiranth Ashok: I agree with Nik when he talks about VPN and Remote Desktop.. Virtual machines are the way to go.. Simply because they are not as hardware extensive as cloud computing.. Its way cheaper and open source virtual servers are already available for your research... Google should concentrate on building the right products before announcing exaggerated things..

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The thief

Baba Gyani Triviani said:
"This is a public service message from Artistick, our Swami's creative team"

Click on the image to enlarge

Example is not always better than precept

Baba Gyani Triviani asked:
"It is important to learn the right lesson"

Some times, we tell things with an intention, but we end up giving a different idea to the listeners. Let me tell you two small stories. Read it till the end...

A time management guru was speaking to a group of type "A" personalities. He placed a wide-mouth gallon jar on the table in front of him. Next to the jar was a collection of fist-sized rocks. He carefully filled the jar with the big rocks, until he could fit no more.

He asked the group, "Is the jar full?"

Everyone responded, "Yes."

He then pulled a large bowl of gravel from under the table and proceeded to pour the gravel into the jar. The gravel fit into the spaces between the rocks. He again queried, "Is the jar full?"

"Probably not," was the group's reply.

He reached for another bowl, this one filled with sand. He dumped the sand into the jar. The sand filled the spaces not taken by the rocks and the gravel. Once more, he asked, "Is the jar full?"

"No," everyone agreed.

Finally, he reached for a pitcher of water and poured water into the jar until it was filled to the top. The time management guru looked at the group and asked, "What is the point of my illustration?"

One man replied, "That no matter how full your schedule is, you can always fit one more thing into it."

"No!" the guru responded.

The point of this illustration is, "If you don't put the big rocks in first, you'll never get them in at all!"

Whatever was his perspective, the following is mine...
The buses are the big rocks. They occupy all the space. And when you think we are running out of space, cars and autos fill the rest... And if you think that's all, two-wheelers fill out all the nooks and crannies like water. And that's why traffic is organised the way it is.

Another funny story someone told me was the following...
A teacher wanted to show the ill effects of alcohol. So, he brought two beakers to class - one with water and one with alcohol. He put a worm each in the beakers. The one in the alcohol squirmed and died soon, but the one in the water was happily alive. The teacher asked what the students learnt at which, a student said - If you consume alcohol, all the worms in your stomach will die.

Thus, ensure that you drive your points home well :-)

Friday, 3 December 2010

Some restaurants I've been in Bangalore and their reviews

Baba Gyani Triviani said:

Here is a list of some of the restaurants I have been to, and my opinions - You can take them as a brief review. I am talking only about buffets in the following restaurants. The list is not complete, and I will be updating it frequently. I won't waste a lot of time, describing too many things - Short and sweet, I say... The idea is to only tell you whether you can avoid it or venture... or whether it is really worth it. You can find more information on other websites if any of these catches your eye

Highly recommended
  • Food tastes excellent
  • A large number of dishes
  • Plays very good music and nice ambience
  • Service is excellent
  • Price is very high
Mainland China
  • Food is very good
  • Variety is good
  • A very nice ambience, feels sophisticated
  • Excellent service
  • Price is moderate
Barbecue Nation
  • Starters and desserts are excellent. Starters are no good for pure veggies
  • Good service
  • Everything else is average
The Mark Boulevard
  • Extremely crowded
  • Completely self service
  • Average food, got over two hours before close of buffet. Many items were not refilled.
  • Ambience was ruined because of crowd - Felt like a market
  • This is my experience. Apparently others have had similar experiences
  • Similar to The Mark Boulevard, food got over although they started ordering and getting it from somewhere
  • Taste was average, nothing spectacular
  • Very bad management of customers - We were made to wait for a really long time before service started.
  • Although this was my experience, some of my friends have had very similar experiences. Some people however have had very good experiences as well.

Heera Panna
  • Nothing to talk about, it was an average place.
  • Try Jalsa instead - Though run by the same management (I heard) Jalsa far supersedes this and Ruh
  • Quite pricy for the overall experience.

Higher Taste
Highly Recommended
  • Great place for pure vegetarians - No onions, no garlic and yet, no reduction in taste
  • Food tastes very good
  • Ambience is very good
  • Self service buffet, though people are very courteous
  • Good price
  • One of the few places where you get pure vegetarian buffets.
  • Food was good
  • Service was good
  • Very nice varieties
  • Price was very good (affordable)
  • Average ambience

Mast Kalandar
  • Nothing great to talk about, limited variety and average place.

  • A very good place for Italian. Tasty food
  • Service is good
  • Well priced
  • Just try avoiding tea, though the place is supposed to be a hub of tea :-) We had a very bad experience with chocolate tea.
  • Good ambience

  • A very nice place for Rajasthani food
  • A lot of varieties
  • South Indians will love it more because you will see a host of things for the first time
  • Good service
  • Excellent price (moderate)
  • Ambience is average

Legacy of Punjab
Highly Recommended
  • Excellent food
  • Average ambience
  • Very good service
  • Good pricing
  • Good variety
Three Quarters Chinese
Very Good
  • The Church Street one has very good ambience
  • The Jayanagar one has nice ambience
  • Very good service
  • We didn't have buffet here in both locations, but the food tasted good
  • Food tasted good
  • Service was sluggish
  • Ambience was good, although we were the only people there that day
  • Good pricing
  • Good food
  • Pricy for the quality
  • Self service
  • Good ambience
  • Limited variety
Citrus (Leela)
  • Ambience is exquisite
  • Extremely pricy
  • Average food, mostly bland
  • Very good service
  • Not recommended to eat, but definitely a place to sit :-)
The Taj West End
  • Ambience is very good
  • Excellent service
  • Food tastes very good (much better than Citrus)
  • Extremely pricy (Higher than Citrus)
Herbs and Spices
  • Ambience is nice if you can sit outside amidst the greenery
  • Food is average, but desserts are excellent
  • Service is good
  • Overall, both the times we went, we were very satisfied with it.
Wok With Chung
Recommended - Contributed by Sreedevi
  • Good food
  • Good service
  • Good price
South Tindies
Recommended - Contributed by Vidhathri
  • Good Ambience
  • Provides a variety of South Indian delicacies, like those from Udupi/Kerala/Tamil Nadu
  • Self Service, but they are quite quick
  • Reasonable price

I will slowly keep adding, and have not added all of them yet. I can't remember many of them :-) If you have any, you can suggest and I will add them to the list.

Other misc information
If you want a full website with good detailed reviews and location, etc. click here to visit Burrp
If you want phone numbers of any of the restaurants, call Just Dial. For more information about useful services in Bangalore, click here.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Top 100 Books to be read

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"Just when I thought I had read many books, I stumbled across this list"

The following is a list of 100 titles that I stumbled across - apparently a list that was created by BBC - but I have made a few modifications here and there. I agree and believe these are some of the best books that have to be read by one and all. Use this as a guide and checklist and start reading them. I am... :-) You can start placing your orders from Flipkart

The Book List
1 Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

2 The Lord of the Rings - JRR Tolkien

3 Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte

4 Harry Potter series - JK Rowling

5 To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

6 The Bhagavad Gita

7 Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte

8 Nineteen Eighty Four - George Orwell

9 His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman

10 Great Expectations - Charles Dickens

11 Little Women - Louisa M Alcott

12 Tess of the D’Urbervilles - Thomas Hardy

13 Catch 22 - Joseph Heller

14 Complete Works of Shakespeare

15 Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurier

16 The Hobbit - JRR Tolkien

17 Birdsong - Sebastian Faulk

18 Catcher in the Rye - JD Salinger

19 The Time Traveler’s Wife - Audrey Niffenegger

20 Middlemarch - George Eliot

21 Gone With The Wind - Margaret Mitchell

22 The Great Gatsby - F Scott Fitzgerald

23 Angels and Demons - Dan Brown

24 War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy

25 The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams

26 Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

27 Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

28 Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck

29 Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

30 The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame

31 Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy

32 David Copperfield - Charles Dickens

33 Chronicles of Narnia - CS Lewis

34 Emma -Jane Austen

35 Persuasion - Jane Austen

36 The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe - CS Lewis

37 The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini

38 Captain Corelli’s Mandolin - Louis De Bernieres
39 Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden

40 Winnie the Pooh - A.A. Milne

41 Animal Farm - George Orwell

42 The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown

43 One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

44 A Prayer for Owen Meaney - John Irving

45 The Woman in White - Wilkie Collins

46 Anne of Green Gables - LM Montgomery

47 Far From The Madding Crowd - Thomas Hardy

48 The Handmaid’s Tale - Margaret Atwood

49 Lord of the Flies - William Golding

50 Atonement - Ian McEwan (Watched the movie)

51 Life of Pi - Yann Martel

52 Dune - Frank Herbert

53 Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons

54 Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen

55 A Suitable Boy - Vikram Seth

56 The Shadow of the Wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

57 A Tale Of Two Cities - Charles Dickens

58 Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

59 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - Mark Haddon

60 Love In The Time Of Cholera - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

61 Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck

62 Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov

63 The Secret History - Donna Tartt

64 The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold

65 The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas

66 On The Road - Jack Kerouac

67 Jude the Obscure - Thomas Hardy

68 Bridget Jones’s Diary - Helen Fielding

69 Midnight’s Children - Salman Rushdie

70 Moby Dick - Herman Melville

71 Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens

72 Dracula - Bram Stoker

73 The Secret Garden - France Hodgson Burnett

74 Notes From A Small Island - Bill Bryson

75 Ulysses - James Joyce

76 The Inferno - Dante

77 Swallows and Amazons - Arthur Ransome

78 Germinal - Emile Zola

79 Vanity Fair - William Makepeace Thackeray

80 Possession - AS Byatt

81 A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

82 Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell

83 The Color Purple - Alice Walker

84 The Remains of the Day - Kazuo Ishiguro

85 Madame Bovary - Gustave Flaubert

86 A Fine Balance - Rohinton Mistry

87 Charlotte’s Web - E.B. White

88 The Five People You Meet In Heaven - Mitch Albom

89 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

90 The Faraway Tree Collection - Enid Blyton

91 Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad

92 The Little Prince - Antoine De Saint-Exupery (English)

93 The Wasp Factory - Iain Banks

94 Watership Down - Richard Adams

95 A Confederacy of Dunces - John Kennedy Toole

96 A Town Like Alice - Nevil Shute

97 The Three Musketeers - Alexandre Dumas

98 Hamlet - William Shakespeare

99 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl

100 Ramayana and Mahabharata - C Rajagopalachari, and Ilead and Odyssey by Homer

Comments from Buzz

Adarsh B - don watch 'angels and demons' and also 'da vinci code' gotta read them....

Bharath Srivatsa - Not a single book of Agatha Christie ? Ironaicaly, she is the most widely published author after the bible and Shakespeare ...

vinayraj govindarajan - no ayn rand? paulo coelho?

Adarsh B - check out 'alchemist' of paulo coelho,I liked it...