Samsung Galaxy 3 - A review

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"I wonder why the price difference between an iPod Touch and an iPhone is so large"

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy 3 model that arrived today from Flipkart. Let me give you some insight about the phone, based on my observations. Recently, I also purchased a Samsung Galaxy S, and so, I will do certain comparisons with that model. I will not give a too detailed review, which you can find in any other website anyway.

This model is Samsung Galaxy 3 (GT-I5801)

The main advantage of this phone is that it has almost all of the features that high end phones have. But it is lacking in certain aspects - See if they matter to you a lot. But overall, it is an amazing phone and really worth the money.

  • Main advantage - Android. Unlike Corby or other phones of this price range that use proprietary OS, this uses Android, which means that you have access to several thousand apps.
  • Low price - When compared to several high end phones for similar features, this phone is very well priced. Costs a little above Rs. 11,000
  • Very good touch screen - There were other phones in this price range that seem to have far better features, like some model from Videocon. But, I have never used their phones. Samsung as of now is the leader (along with HTC and its peers) and so, I was assured of quality of phone as well as touch screen
  • Feature rich - It has almost all of the features that the Samsung Galaxy S has - Including GPS, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Layar, etc.
  • Good Sound quality - The sound quality is very good. Loud and clear.
  • Swype - Another main reason I went for a Samsung phone. Messaging using touch screen phones are a pain. Swype makes it way faster. Read more about Swype to know what it is.
  • Good battery life - Easily comes for two days with a lot of using including a bit of wi-fi.

  • Average display - After using superior phones like Galaxy S with its Super AMOLED or Samsung Jet with Amoled, this phone seems to be lacking in that area quite severely. The display, relative to that is plain. No complaints though. I am not sure that the comparison would be appropriate considering the price differences, but the differences are obvious. Text appears slightly coarse.
  • Average Camera - It has a mere 3 MP camera, which has average photo quality. Not too shabby. It's quite nice. But again, not as great as the superior versions.
  • Ugly steel border - The body has a steel face on the front around the screen that makes the phone look cheap. Personally, I didn't like it, but some of my friends liked it.
  • Fingerprint magnet - The title says it all. (Or maybe I should wash my hands :P)
What is Swype?
Swype is a new technique of messaging in Samsung phones. I must say that it is one of the best features to have in a touch screen phone. I had first seen this in Samsung Galaxy S and this one has it as well. Normally, to message in a touch screen phone, you press the buttons on the Qwerty keyboard.

However, in Swype, you simply slide/swipe your fingers over the keys. The phone will intuitively guess the word you are typing. This reduces the time taken to type big words by a large margin. The number of words that you get using many characters are fewer, and those combinations being rare, will get guessed very accurately, thus reducing time a lot (They say 40%, I feel higher). However, small words are problematic - If you move finger over "t" and "o" it's hard to get "too" or "to" and it returns "to" (more probable) but maybe I wanted "too". Same way for "good" and "god", and in places where ambiguity might creep (small words) you can press like the conventional manner. So, effectively, you will have the best of both. You will reach blazing speeds with practice. You can even chat easily with it.

Overall this phone is very very good for the price range. So, if you are making comparisons with other phones of similar price range, I would definitely rate this phone a perfect score. On the other hand, with an excellent response to touch and absence of lag, unlike what some guy had posted in some forum, this phone makes an excellent buy for a basic to medium level phone

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