Quirk gets published

Swami Nikhilaananda said:

My story, titled Quirk got published in Woman's Era, the fortnightly magazine - October first issue. This entry is just to share the good news. If you have not already read it, you can read it here

Quirk - [Read story Quirk]

Other stories that you might want to read
  • Just let go - Story of a man stuck in a theatre with his wife, but he has a nagging feeling to leave, and knows that things will be horribly wrong.... unless he lets go
  • The Medallion - Starts off with a typical Bollywood story, the medallion has a Hollywood ending. A story about a boy with a copper medallion who loses his younger brother in a crowded railway station, and culminates with the twists of fate.
  • Tarka - The story of the escaped convict - With a police jeep chasing me, I entered a house with a low balcony, only to find my classmate inside with skeletons in her closet... with flesh and blood around it.
  • The Haunted House - A group of four discuss their experiences of a haunted house, and one of them decides to prove that there are no such things as ghost... And then -
  • The Bleeding Heart - Not knowing how he arrived at the bizarre location, he holds his beloved for one last time as he feels a surge of emotions, until he realises....
  • My race against time - A man describes the race against time... the constant running
  • The girl who was a ghost before she died - A freaky real life story (Other parts are linked at the bottom, so be sure to catch them all)


thrups said…
Hey congrats!! =)

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