The Kannada Sad Film Industry Rules or Industry's Sad Rule?

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"When you see a dog in the manger, throw a stone at it"

The Kannada film industry has put a limit on the number of theatres showing non-Kannada movies. The reason? People are watching more non-Kannada movies than Kannada movies. So, basically, if the plants in your garden look like they are dying, then go and wreck your neighbours' garden - Why? Hell, I don't know. Somehow, the KFCC is managing to make their idea not sadistic at all...

The idea of movies, people and popularity is simple - Make a good movie, give proper publicity and people will watch it. Why will they not want to watch a good movie? Instead, pathetic movies are made, that get pathetic reviews - Whichever star you pick (As you know, Sandalwood has every actor named like "[Put star Title Here] Star" which could be golden, silver, bronze, crazy, wacky, rebel, mutineer, or whatever... the movie never seemed to get more than one star in ratings, no matter how many super stars you put.

And don't even get me started on the songs - The only good thing about Kannada songs, is that the music is really good these days. But the lyrics makes me puke... every single day. And the radio stations in Bangalore don't know when enough is enough. With their crappy clich├ęd catch phrases (sakkath hot maga, whatte fun, aithalakadi morning, etc.) they play songs with hopeless lyrics day in and day out. When I started going in Volvo buses, I used to see many people listening to songs from their phones and iPods, and I used to find it strange - Hey, the radio is on, and it's playing refreshing songs with their refreshing RJs. After a really short time, I got it. Most RJs are really annoying, boring and overzealous, jumping to conclusions all the time, and the songs are worse.

The point I am making is this - Yeah, I do agree that you need to have a variety of songs. But the stuff that is being churned out by the industry doesn't qualify to be called as songs. And for all the ruckus that they raise about being true to Kannada, most of these songs have non-Kannada words in them very often. And the Kannada they speak is sub-standard, with no difference existing between alpapraanas and mahapraanas. If you disagree with me, here are some lyrics -
  • Swalpa soundu jaasthi maadu, thumba oLLe songidu, ondu roundu hodedu nodu, bhoomi thumba saNNadu
  • Yaakoooo, thumbaaaa, bore uuu, erade eradu steppu kuNidu bidoNa...
  • ardha litre petrol iththu gaadinali...
  • thale baachkolo powder haakolo...
  • haLe paathre haLe kabbiNa haLe paper...
  • Jinke mari naa, nee jinke mari naa?
  • Pancharangi pom pom...
  • Chitranna chitranna...
  • Bidde bidde bathroom alli, love alli bidde. Maiyella odde
This list will be made longer... (You can contribute) And they have the audacity to arrange for best song awards among these... Reminds me of the IgNobel prize.

The point is not that - The point is, instead of making better movies, they are blocking other movies from screening. This is highly unfair. It is very similar to Auto Drivers who drive away private vehicles and other means of public transport after some time at night, so that all the business comes only to them - So that they can charge one and a half, or double! Dogs in the manger you say? Don't succumb to them - Do what I do... I boycott autos completely. You should never allow mediocrity to prosper. So next time you see a rabid dog in the manger, throw stones...

Comments from Facebook

Srivathsan Lakshmipuram: So true dude! I've always found it disgusting!
Why are you punishing me with these lyrics since morning! :-@

Apoorva Chandra: pancharangi is good,there's newness in it... agree with u that all others r crap...

Hemanth Pai: It's dil-logical sirji :P . Hora rajyagala hendakkintha namma maneya thangalu lesu sarvagnya :)

But I admit the quality is very horrible . Either we should make more art / story based movies and also make movies of the shakela genre . That w...ay the uncle-aunty crowd and the teenage crowd both will have somethng to look fwd to

Prashanth N Bhat: It is protectionism that you see everywhere. One example would be closing of the economies till the indigenous products are competitive enough.
The result of this will be that the products will become competitive or complacent. We are seeing what is the result here..

Deepak Vedanthan: Wow .. thale baachkolo powder haakolo ..did this song even exist . Stopped paying attention to kannada songs long time back with one or two exceptions . No wonder ..the industry is in a rut.

Shobhit Ns: I think they are awesome. It takes a lot to get day-to-day words or conversations into your songs. It shows you're paying attention to the simple things in your life. For example, this wandraful Hamsalekha number : "Bidde bidde bathroom alli, love alli bidde. Maiyella odde".

Arvind S Murthy: please go to other states and see how many non-regional language films they play..Karnataka has been by far the most generous whether it comes to freedom of languages or freedom of entertainment...

Can u show me even 1 theatre in Tamil Nadu playing a Kannada movie??
Im not talking about crap Kannada movies even a good kannada movie will they play it?? nope..

Nikhil Baliga: So are you saying that we should also make mistakes just because someone else is? And that's not even the point - I am not aware of how many people there want to watch non-regional movies. But I know how many here want to... And blocking non-regional movies because nobody is watching them, calls for the need for self-assessment.

If people are not buying Reva although it's a cleaner car, people at Reva will not go around destroying other markets - They assessed themselves, realised that their car looks like a crappy toy, and now they have come up with gorgeous models. The way is improvement, not blocking others' development

Arvind S Murthy: Its not a mistake at all..Im saying its a wise move..i dont think tamil or telugu movies would have been as famous if they were played only in their states..besides i feel kannada movies are far better and sensible compared to other movies..

By doing what they are doing now people who would watch a crappy non kannada movie would watch a kannada movie inturn creating more revenue for kannada movies inturn encouraging producers to invest more and try for better quality movies..

Its not fair to complain about quality of movies when there are so many constraints crippling creativity..and when returns are not guaranteed because kannada movies are released only in Karnataka its quite obvious that most movies are below par...

Bharath Srivatsa: In Karnataka some (actually HUGE) number of regional movies are released as compared to none in other states...Crappy non-Kannada regional movies are made too... they are not just released here in Karnataka, only the good ones come out... B...ut other cities dont release good kannada movies also... I am of the opinion that the quality of Kannada movies should definitely improve... At the same time there has to be some kind of restriction as to how many prints of non-Kannada regional movies has to be released... It shouldnt be like there are no screens left for Kannada movies.

Comments from twitter

Abhishek Sood: Its like those songs are competing with the RJs voice and bakwaas to win the 'WHO SUCKS MORE' contest :)

Comments from Buzz
Aditya Padaki: Its also evident that good movies in Kannada have run for very long time in theatres... Let them make good movies, movies will automatically attract people... Then, even with no rule, theatres will voluntarily screen Kannada movies to other language movies...

Comments from Rambling Coherently

Debugged: And they claim to be doing all this to "PROTECT" the Kannada film industry. The state of Kannada movies is pathetic these days. Why dont they realize that the Kannadigas themselves have migrated to other language films only because the state of movies is bad in Kannada. If they try to make good movies, it will be the first choice for any Bangalorean


Anonymous said…
I'm a Kannadiga too. I agree with most of the points you mentioned. But a few movies are exceptionally good. Eg:Aa Dinagalu, Manasare, Super, Matthe Mungaru. What happened is that KFCC gives chance to any director and any script. Which results to shit movies like 10th class A section, Josh and million more. Such movies create a bad impact on overall kannada industry. As a whole people end up not watching the good movies also.
Instead of commenting like this why don't you try writing lyrics or story. First we have to be better than others before commenting. Some great person has said "Be the change you want to see in the world".
That great person was Gandhi.

So here are some points -

One, I don't need to be a great lyricist to comment on stupid lyrics. That's like asking someone to be a great batsman before commenting on someone who plays lousy.

Second, I have already written some stories, be sure to check them out

Thirdly, I can definitely write better lyrics than the songs I am talking about - I am sure you can too

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