The Dead Girl Is Demystified

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"Seriously? You?!?"

The pre-requisite for this post is that you should have read this post earlier...

Ok... Now, who could this person be? And why did this person do this? Ok, the person who did this was my friend - Let's call him: Mr. X.

So, this is how the analysis started - The weakest link was link the friend Sneha Kumar... I had told one of my friends about her, and he found out more information about her, and told me some details about her. Now that I knew that Sneha Kumar didn't exist, the culprit had to be the friend who fed me that information. But this guy is not the type who would play this on me.

But still, this is my strongest starting point. So, now my point was to prove that this guy was the one who did it. So, I started looking for proof against him. Some of these points might appear to be random to you - but when you suspect a person, each and every bit of small points of proof wills strengthen the case against him

Points that were used to find out who Aparna Joshi was after the starting point
Aparna Joshi had told me that she knew Mr. X. And Mr. X knew Aparna Joshi - But very briefly...

Mr. X knows a lot about US universities and IITs - Good enough to keep up a conversation

Mr. X used Vista, so did she (screen shots were sent to me for the software)

Mr. X used Xilinx and that icon is on his desktop, also Aparna Joshi - Not many people use this software

Both Mr. X and Joshi liked Carpenters - a band that most people have not even heard of

When Mr. X was in India, Joshi's mails were from India. When Mr. X is abroad, so is Joshi

People from NPS about whom she mentioned are all from PESIT. When I asked about an NPS guy who was not from PESIT, she didn't know him... She knew two people from my college

Aparna Joshi used a wireless keyboard, and her keys were not coming properly... So did Mr. X

Technical things that were spoken by Joshi could have been known by Mr. X and very very few other people. This narrows down the number of people to a very small number.

They were both from the same time zone...

The last one that clinched it was this... I took photos that were sent to me long back and went to the properties to see the meta data. There, you can see camera model and details like that. That camera model was a very weird one, and only one person I know owned that model.

What happened after that?
That was it - I asked him... He asked me to come on Skype... He said he wanted to see my face. He laughed for a long time, and then said that he had me fooled for two years! It was one of my best friends.

It was an elaborate set up - Why did he do all this? Well, it was intended to just fool me, and he wanted to tell me that it was him all along. However, more people got sucked into it. And when she died, things snowballed... But in the end, it was Mr. X.

Why the name Mr. X?
I am using Mr. X and not his real name because he doesn't want to be named publicly. Certain emotions that were played was highly regretted. But yeah, overall, it was a prank that was played and executed very well - I was made an ass for two years :-)

So, what did you do Nik?
Yes, you might think I was taken for a ride, and hence am stupid. So, to prove a point that being taken for a ride over the internet is not so difficult, I played a prank of my own - response time of 1 day, fooled 120+ people. You can read about it here - My Social Experiment

Comments from Facebook

Nikhil Prabhu: Amazing! :P

Pavithra Chowdappa: Aww :)

Hemanth Pai: wow dude .. ppl have the F'in patience to keep up the pretense for 2 years !! Man .. that guy / gal must really be some namuna :) . Now u have to save the 'Amchi' pride man .. :P

Abhishek Kodankiry: Ur previous post sounded so scary, and this one equally funny.. Good that the mystery was solved.. Awesome all in all.. :)

Jayesh Sudhir Bhat: MAN! I am delighted to know that such a person did not exist...It was like what a worthless life I am living n all. but nonetheless, it was a great source of inspiration for most of us. some guys even structured their SOPs, resumes etc according to hers..I hope there wasn't any romance brewing in cyberspace. Would be very hard then :P

Ashvin Srinivasan: ‎@ jayesh, nice one dude I second your comment ... It was definitely an inspiration, nontheless there are real ppl with that kinda profile :)

Aks: Now I know why I didn't make it to MIT.. Taking a fake SOP as inspiration... Lesson well learnt: Don't even look at another person's SOP!.. :D :P

‎@nik: if i were u n u were me, I would have given YOU more screen-space and time in the blog..considering YOU'd hv been the most crucial twist.. :P.. and if not for YOU, the story would hv died unsolved!..:)

Lakshman Gs: Well dude please remember that there are potholes in every road. Every other person is a born actor or an actress. 2 years is quite a long long time. Instead of doing an analysis and feeling more worse take it as a learning experience and may be u could see some nice james bond movies like tomorrow never dies, golden eye, Die another day, A view to a kill and use ur intelligence and project the same in a battle plan.

Deepak Vedanthan: Nik ..what are you doing in Oracle. Join RAW and serve our country :) How much time did you take to figure this out ?

Nikhil Baliga: ‎@Aks - Hahahaha ok, fine... Guys, Aks is the person who first discovered that this person did not exist in the MIT obituary list. So, the credit for discovering that this person was fake goes to her.

@Jayesh - I know! Even I had taken this person as an inspiration. There was no romance for sure, but there was a great deal of closeness

@Lakshman - What can I say except every dog has its day :P

@Deepak - haha, took me just one day to get the details - took me two years to understand I was fooled... Yeah, that makes me a real Indian agent, who's late :P

Comments from Buzz

Prashanth Bhat: I remember you saying, "Who the hell uses vista??" Is he Mr. X?

Nikhil Baliga: Yeah :P

vinayraj govindarajan: ok...this s the kannada version of fake ipl player :P


SwAtHi ShArMa said…
ha ha poor you Nik ! Seriously!!! papa!!!
I read the first post and I totally freaked out. Then I read this and felt better. For a close friend that's a really long prank. Well played seriously. Its a wonder the friend didn't show himself up before.
Above all this is totally engrossing. For a real life incident its as good as fiction.

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