Top 6 Services List (In Bangalore, according to me)

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"In this day and age where we have a million things to browse from, we need services to merely search through them"

Today, we have an information overload. For anything that you want, there are different places where you can go. If you want to buy a book, you have so many stores, and online book stores etc. If you want information, there are several websites that specialise in that field or a general encyclopedia. So I thought that it would be good to create a list of useful services that I use.

Top 6 Services List (In Bangalore, according to me)

Justdial is perhaps one of the most useful services being provided. Whether it is information about restaurants, schools or gift shops, Justdial gives it all - Telephone numbers, addresses, everything. And they remember you, and greet you warmly everytime you call them, unlike certain pathetic customer care services. Some times they even directly connect you to the store.

Phone Number - 080-23333333

Road Guide (LatLong)
A brilliant service for people who have a tendency to get lost, Road Guide is a very useful service. All you need to do is send an SMS with from location and to location to their number and they reply with a detailed route, distance, landmarks, auto fare - the works. The website also has maps.

E.g. Send an sms to 9008890088: Jayanagar 4th block to Forum Koramangala

Website -
Phone Number - 9008890088

India Book Store
If you are an avid book reader, you definitely invest a lot of money into books. And many times, you run out of money just when a book that you want to buy comes up. If you want the best deals available, use this service. It is linked to several book stores. A simple search engine interface, enter the name of your book, and it provides a list of stores that have the book, along with the price at which they are selling. You can pick the best priced book, directly click on their links, and place your order.

Many times you keep wondering which bus to catch, and where to catch it from. Or the route that a particular bus takes, or for that matter, any other information that you seek, BMTC has a solution for you. As much as BMTC is a high priced service, you have to admit that they are leading by a large margin when it comes to offering the very best.

Website -
Route Search direct link (The link below can be found in the link above as well)

Feeling hungry? Looking for the best restaurant around you area? Then Burrp is the best solution for you. It is the best restaurant guide that you can have, period. Just pay a visit, and you will see what I mean. You can search based on locality, price and quality.

Website -

The most popular among booking movie tickets, Book My Show easily is the most accessed website. The main advantage is convenience. No more standing in lines, just make an online payment and you are done.

Website -

These are just the top 6 services that came to my head. There may be many more. If you have any service that you would like to share, do post a comment.


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