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Media - Not liars, but selective truth-tellers

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " A half truth is often more dangerous than a whole lie " The Indian media is becoming more and more aggressive with each passing day. In the Kargil war, it was said that the Indian media was largely responsible for boosting the morale of the Indian soldiers, which was a key factor towards Indian war - Something that was apparently missing in Pakistan (Source: Wikipedia - Kargil War ) The media went on to fight for justice in the Jessica Lall case. However, by then, the media started going off course. While the media was doing a good thing in fighting for a cause - where many cases normally get buried due to the influence of the rich and powerful, many journalists including Karan Thapar and Sagarika Ghose started showing signs of prejudice (and stupidity, with all due respect) which can be clearly seen in these videos - Karan Thapar and Sagarika Ghose As you can see from the videos above, the media starts with the assumption that one perso

Top 6 Services List (In Bangalore, according to me)

Swami Nikhilaananda said: " In this day and age where we have a million things to browse from, we need services to merely search through them " Today, we have an information overload. For anything that you want, there are different places where you can go. If you want to buy a book, you have so many stores, and online book stores etc. If you want information, there are several websites that specialise in that field or a general encyclopedia. So I thought that it would be good to create a list of useful services that I use. Top 6 Services List (In Bangalore, according to me) Justdial Justdial is perhaps one of the most useful services being provided. Whether it is information about restaurants, schools or gift shops, Justdial gives it all - Telephone numbers, addresses, everything. And they remember you, and greet you warmly everytime you call them, unlike certain pathetic customer care services. Some times they even directly connect you to the store. Website - www.justdi

Of Observers and Observations

Swami Gulagulaananda said : " Some times, the same observations lead to different conclusions or interpretations " This is a very interesting discussion that took place on Google Buzz. It all started with a profound question by Gurudatha Pai and a conversation follows... Gurudatha Pai - Is observation independent of the observer?? Shrinivas Bhat - nope it cant be... there will always be little bit of observer in the Nikhil Baliga - Lisa Simpson (from Simpsons) said - If a tree fell in the woods when there was nobody there, does it make any sound? She also asked if you can clap with one hand... So, no, if there is no observer, there can be no observation. And an observer is not an observer until he observes an observation Gurudatha Pai - So, in any observation, there is a bias introduced by the observer? seems logical? So then, how scientific is science? Nikhil Baliga - Well, I would say if the same glass is shown to two people, one might observe it as half

Theory of Jam

Swami Gulagulaananda said : " Take a slice of bread, put jam put on one side, and put another slice on it. You get a sandwich. But if you move the slices apart, the jam is always stuck to the first slice, not much to the second slice , except when the first slice is torn apart " If you perform this simple task, you will find that this is a fact. What Swami Gulagulaananda is trying to say here is this - Things that are with you from the beginning, always override the latter. It also indicates the direction of loyalty in a situation that involves mutually exclusive forces. The two bread slices indicate mutually exclusive forces, each trying to pull the one caught between them towards the other side. But, the slice which originally had the jam will have a higher chance of retaining it than the other way round. This is true with people as well. Just open your eyes and look around, and you will see that the quote holds good always, except when the first slice of bread has b